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Cuddles {Idaho Falls | Rigby Child Photography}

June 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well, It has been a minute since I have written a blog post. I meant to write about my break and my decision to make a comeback, but hours and hours trying to find the right words, left me... wordless. So short and sweet, I apparently needed a break as I tended to life, but I am back now and happy to be back at it.

I am glad that you are here, as I decided that the session I am going to offer is something that needed a tribute outside of the standard social media outlets. I wanted to share my "WHY" for these sessions. As I feel a photo should tell a story or capture a memory. As many of my clients know, I have a daughter, it's hard not to cause I am chattering on about her all the time. Just the one. A 14 year old, beautiful, smart and talented daughter that is my world. Now I think back 14 years and I am just amazed at how far photography has come since then. How many more ideas are out there now to document their growth and how I am always running across these ideas and think "Man, That would have been awesome when she was younger!" or "Oh I wish that we had an image like that of her. It would have been so cute!". It makes me feel like I am super old now and was raising a child way out of the times. lol! I am sure my mom was thinking the same things with us too.

The other night, I was helping my daughter make her bed and as I pushed all the pillows and such off her bed to put her nice clean comforter back on, I picked up Blankie. A poor little blanket that was given to us as a baby shower gift from my aunt 14 years ago. I flashed back to the time of "Poochie and Blankie" and how they were always with Kaebree, one in each hand. Poochie was a red silky pillow that my mom made when she was pregnant with me and gave it to my grandma, who put it in a zip lock bag for 20 years and handed it to my daughter one day. The pillow was small, maybe 6"x6" is all. Poochie went first, into a small rag, resembling something that got stuck in a blender and shredded. Yes, I still have Poochie, somewhere in one of my many still packed boxes from the move. Now Blankie.... Blankie is a very light cotton (thin) teddy bear blanket, that was perfect for the summer months ahead of us. If I had to call it then, I would think that pillow would have made it longer then this blanket. HA! She showed us, didn't she. Well, Blankie is still very much in our lives. Blankie has been left at a hotel, I don't recall exactly how we got it back, but we did. Another time being left in another state, YEP, we had to have it shipped back home. Getting lost behind her bed so many times I couldn't keep count and the panicked nights trying to find it... Later, "Kinley was added to the mix. A cute rabbit from Build a Bear that talked about shopping when you pressed her hand. Kinley has faired the best as of now, but she isn't quite as old. (I want to say she was 6-7 when she got Kinley.)

I am still working on her letting me capture her and Blankie now, 14 years later, but she is too "OLD" for that. Blankie is getting a little tattered and torn now, and as we think about maybe adding her to the keepsake box before she is in threads, like Poochie, I hear a shriek from my daughter as she tells me how Blankie is going to college with her. This is what I was able to get though.

This brings me back to documented memories I wish I had thought about sooner. I am sure I have snapshots with blankie in the image, laying in the background, rolled up in her blankets, but I wish I had a good solid photo to show her the relationship she had with these two prized possessions that gave her comfort and was always in her little hands.

So, I am going to do a "My Cuddle" mini session event. Bring your little one/s with their cuddle and let's have some fun and nab those moments to look back on. Sweet Blakely here was perfect to help me promote these sessions. Her monkey has been through it all with her. Holes stitched up and new ones created just as quickly. Mom was telling me about how all day of the shoot, Blakely prepped her Monkey, telling him to make sure he smiles for the pictures. It was a blast, and a great way to give these little prized possessions their spot in the photo albums as well. Message me to book your My Cuddle mini session. Sessions will be up to 30 minute sessions for children of all ages, includes 5 retouched digital images with print release. Session fee of 75.00 will be due at time of booking.


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