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There comes a time...

November 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

Well, it is a dark day, with the clouds parting to a reveal new adventure.

After 6 years, I am giving up my photography business.

6 years ago, I set out on an adventure. It has been one of really great times and really low times in my life. It has helped me through struggles, stresses and has keep me busy, but with it came struggles, stress and well, I have been really busy. The busy could be seen as a great thing, and it was. Busy meant business was good. It also meant that any free time I have, has been dedicated to my business.

This last year has been one of many challenges. I sold my home in early April 2016 and moved into my parents home while we looked for a house that was right for us to come on the market. During the sale process, I was very busy with the house, coming and going for showings and trying to balance that with my business, as well as a new job that was much different then my prior one on my schedule. It was very shortly after that we decided to build, hence making a month or two stay, turn into most of the year.  

Living with my parents was great but tragedy hit home and I am glad that I was distracted, as it gave me time that I didn't realize I would never get again to spend with my dad. Time I thought was stressful but I look back and am grateful for. July 29th, I lost my dad to Sepsis brought on from a standard procedure where his bowels were nicked and in less the 36 hours from being admitted to the hospital, he was gone. Turning our world completely upside down.

It was at this time, I knew that photography was not my top priority. I wasn't ready to give it up though. So I trudged along. Half in it, half just being with my family and half being a mother to a busy girl.. yep, you caught that there was a little too many halves there right?! I kept shooting, but found that I just didn't have the time, nor the energy to edit. I am going to still be around though, as photography is still a passion. I am going to do some personal work, and work around my own schedule with some more artistic stuff. So you will have to watch for those from time to time.

I see that my family has taken a backseat to my business and after losing someone you love, you really think on the time you have with each and every one of your remaining and you kind of readjust your life. So, with a sad heart I say goodbye to my business. I have met the most amazing people, I have made the most awesome friends, and I have some great experiences to take from this adventure. Thank you for trusting me with your memories.

NOW- For all of you still waiting on photos and albums to get done. I have stopped taking new sessions and I do have a couple scheduled prior to this decision that I will still do, BUT, you are my main goal to get finished up. I will have everything done- EVERYTHING! by the end of November. I don't want to do anything in December but spend the holidays with my family.



Love you Jen and your talent and dedication to so much!!! Through you as our photographer you also became a friend...Best wishes luv!!!!❤
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