Jen Dixon Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jen Dixon Photography (Jen Dixon Photography) Sun, 18 Feb 2024 22:43:00 GMT Sun, 18 Feb 2024 22:43:00 GMT Jen Dixon Photography: Blog 80 120 Christina & Colton {Rigby Family Photography} Christina and Colton are 2 of the sweetest people you'll meet. I love how happy Colton is all the time! The biggest smiles! 

Christina works with me at the day job and this lady is my partner in crime, someone I can trust and capable of amazing things! She's the best really! 

It's also sessions like these that tell you parents are doing it right, as Christina and Colton's dad are co-parenting and wanted to make sure Colton had photos with both parents. This kiddo is lucky to have 2 great people in his life!

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Child Photography Rigby Family Photographer Riverside Photo Shoot Wed, 10 Jan 2024 18:00:00 GMT
Szabo {Idaho Falls Family Photography} I sure do love this family, but I am gonna say their level for strenuous activity really surpasses mine! Nothing will tell you that you are more out of shape then a hike up and over and around the sand dunes! BUT, it was worth it and I trudged along! You know the saying, if you could bottle the energy of children? These kiddos are full of it! I'd be good for months off just one afternoon! 

Amanda always has fun ideas for her sessions, and with her, I am really just the one snapping her ideas... I am curious to see where we are going this year! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Family of Four Photo Shoot Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Sand Dune Sessions Mon, 08 Jan 2024 18:00:00 GMT
Kendra & Preston {Idaho Falls Family Photography} You all know I have a full time job other then photography that I love, and this is one the reasons I love it! Kendra and Preston are some of my many great leaders, but I also love that I can call them my friends as well. I have watched their daughter grow up and absolutely love this girl and he dancing talent and pure sass. It is never a dull moment with this family anytime we are together and this session was no exception to that! They are just the best! 

I do also love the sunflower fields, so when Kendra mentioned wanting to maybe do her session there, I was totally game! 

Best part, I guess last time they were there, Preston used his pocket knife on a sunflower and ended up cutting his finger (sorry Preston, I am outing ya) but the gal at the counter REMEMBERED HIM for that and kind of made us take the pruners they provide! 

Here are some of my favorite from their session! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Sunflower Field Session Sun, 07 Jan 2024 00:55:11 GMT
2024 Session Dates [Booking Open] I have never claimed to be good at keeping all the social media, blogs, etc current, but WOW, my last post was in 2021! That is some massive neglect right there! 

So, lets recap at least the last year here! Now, as my closer followers and friends know, I did decrease my availability immensely this last year. The reason behind this was just to get some balance in my life. I do have a full time job besides photography that I really love and it does take quite a bit of commitment and mental energy on some days, and coming home after work to rush to a shoot several times a week and then edit all the rest just was not working anymore. The burnout was pretty intense, and something had to give. 

BUT, I love my clients and I love the connections I have made over the last 12 years and being able to create memories with you all, so aside from stepping back completely, (Remember, I tired that once a few years back after my father passed and I struggled to find true passion in about anything for a bit, but it was short lived, because I missed it so much!) I decided to limit myself to 10 sessions a year. This was a HUGE step back for me, but it felt great! I was able to take care of my most committed clients that have been with me since the beginning and was able to take a couple new ones still. Was it hard turning down sessions? ABSOLUTELY! But I still had some super fun sessions!! So, book early! 

With that being said, it is time to open up my 2024 openings!

Additional information on booking this year

All sessions require 1/2 of the session fee down. Due to the limited number of sessions, deposits are non-refundable (unless I have a waiting list that will take a session if it opens up. But once I have the sessions filled, I will turn down any requests for additional sessions.) Session IS NOT booked until the deposit is paid.

Since this is advanced booking, about a month out from your session, we will connect for location and specific time scheduling. 

(All session on weeknights are approx. 7:00/8:00 PM sessions.)

I do some travel for work, and this is far enough out that I am just not sure if I will be at the home office or one of our other office out of town, so there could be some flexibility around your schedule date, but I won't know what those flexible dates look like till we get closer. I am committing to these dates and advising that I have to be back on these days to hang out with clients, but if these just don't work with your schedule, book the closest date and we will make something work. With that being said for reschedules, I am also trying to keep my Saturdays open for family time.  

You can see rates on my website at under the investment tab. (Extended session are quoted per request.) 

You can call or message me to book your session 208-604-2071. I will need your email address and date you are requesting. I will update the post as dates fill up.

Available Dates

Friday, May 24, 2024 [BOOKED- PEREZ]

Friday, June 7, 2024

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Sunday, June 30, 2024

*Wednesday, July 3, 2024 (pending opening)

*Friday July 5, 2024 (pending opening)

Friday, July 12, 2024

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Monday, August 12, 2024

Friday, August 23, 2024 [BOOKED - RYLEE]

Sunday, August 25, 2024 [BOOKED - CHRISTINA]

Friday, September 13, 2024


(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Open Sessions Rigby Senior Photographer Sat, 06 Jan 2024 22:03:35 GMT
Mariah: Class of 2021 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer}

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Rigby Senior Photographer Sat, 08 May 2021 05:50:11 GMT
Jarrett: Class of 2021 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Now, what can I say about Jarrett? He has a soft spot for animals and somehow the found all the wounded ones. He likes to garden, ski and go on adventures. Kaebree and him got her car stuck in the mud up at Palisades that required a "rescue". He got his CNA certification in high school and then changed his career path in college. He doesn't drink caffeine. He is a great guy, and I have enjoyed all the adventures we had this year. 

Good luck on your next adventure Jarrett!  

(Jen Dixon Photography) CNA Session Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Salt Lake Salt Flats Senior Guy in Sunflower Field Skiing Senior Session Thu, 22 Apr 2021 08:22:42 GMT
Trayson: Class of 2021 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Its always fun when you get to ride your bike during your senior session! We had fun finding the best places for Trayson's images. 

When my daughter was in grade school I would volunteer in her classrooms and Trayson was one of her classmates. It is so fun to watch these kids grow up and see how far they have come since kindergarten! 

Congrats Trayson! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Dirt Bike Senior Session Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Mountains Senior Session Rigby Senior Photographer Thu, 22 Apr 2021 08:08:16 GMT
Mariah: Class of 2021 Volleyball {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} This beautiful lady right here is kind of a big deal on the volleyball court! Headed to Montana on an athletic scholarship, where she is going to rock it!!! 

Mariah has been so fun to work with this year on the model team. She was probably my busiest on the team, realizing that these teens are busy as all heck! We got her in for a handful of sessions though. Stay tuned for a handful of my favorites coming soon, but check out these fun volleyball themed shots. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Volleyball Senior Session Thu, 22 Apr 2021 07:59:15 GMT
Melissa, Mason and Rachel {Rigby Family Photographer} I always have so much fun at Mason's sessions each year! He is so comfortable in front of the camera and I don't think he has ever been a challenge, even during the challenging years. He is always smiling, super super smart and you can tell that Mom and Grandma are his best friends. 



(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Child Photographer Rigby Family Photographer Thu, 03 Dec 2020 08:26:47 GMT
Stormy & Damon {Idaho Falls Engagement Photographer} I know, I don't normally do couples but when your bride was on your senior model team last year and basically a second daughter, you jump at the chance to shoot something a little different. 

I have to tell you, Stormy has been part of our family as our second daughter for so many years! So many sleep overs, so many ups and downs. My daughters ride and die. These girls went through so much together, good times, bad times and really really hard times. Now, I am a pretty modest photographer and I really aim to be age appropriate with my seniors. So, changing from Senior brain to an intimate couple session took conscious
effort. Stormy is a natural in front of the camera, Damon is so calm and cool and would do anything for Stormy. It was fun! 

Now, Married with a house, these two have a world of adventure in front of them. It is bittersweet to see the kids grow up and move away but so excited to see where life takes them. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Highschool Sweethearts Engagement Session Idaho Falls Engagement Session Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Couples Photography Thu, 03 Dec 2020 07:53:39 GMT
Kaebree & Jarrett: The Traveling Dress {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} You can read about the Traveling Dress project in my previous post here and check out Mariah's few shots with the dress. We did Mariah's session at the same time as her senior session, so it was not quite as themed and not quite as focused as Kaebree and Jarrett's shoot. Kaebree and Jarrett did a full evening with me on the other hand. We take the schedules we can get with these busy teens!!

I wanted to pull in another character then just my beautiful girl in a dress. Jarrett was more then willing to tux up and play a part in the story. Now these two get told they are the cutest couple all the time, but they have never been and very doubtfully ever will be more then friends. They are the bestest of friends though and I have been waiting for a Jarrett to come into Kaebree's life for years. Fiercely loyal, dedicated, caring and honest. Someone to keep her head clear and motivate her and I am sure she brings a little wild and carefree into his life as well. 

This feel to this shoot brings me to a show that I was slightly obsessed with for a bit, Gossip Girl. The Upper Manhattan feel with parties and formal wear. I wanted to try to not be so Prom-y. I hope that I was able to portray that is these shots. You tell me!



(Jen Dixon Photography) Gossip Girl Photoshoot Idaho Falls Photography Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer SeniorMuse Traveling Dress Thu, 15 Oct 2020 03:10:07 GMT
Mariah: The Traveling Dress {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Late last year I joined a group of 24 photographers from across the US in a Traveling Dress project through SeniorMuse. There were 2 dresses and 12 photographers each dress. Now, I am not certain if all 12 were able to shoot their dress, Covid kind of skewed the plans and timelines. 

The idea behind the Traveling Dress is that you'll see what 12 photographers do differently with the dress when it is their week to shoot with it. The rules were keep the dress clean and dry, no colored smoke bombs, no water, no fires. No more then 3 models per photographer, and they had to be a 2019, 2020 or2021 senior. 

We had to submit the photos to them to feature on the Instagram page before we were able to share them, so I held the images back from my models till after they were featured. They have been featured, so I can share them with you here! Go check out the other shoots. If you feel inclined, give mine a heart while you are there! 

First Mariah and I headed to the desert for some sagebrush shots. We grabbed a few with the dress during her senior session. 
She is truly stunning!! 

The fun part about the Traveling Dress project is that all my models will be publish in the next SeniorMuse magazine!

I can't wait to see this beauty in print!  

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Mermaid Dress Rigby Senior Photographer SeniorMuse Traveling Dress Thu, 15 Oct 2020 01:57:21 GMT
Addison: Class of 2021 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} I love it when Seniors start a session by saying that they are awkward or unphotogenic and then they nail the session like they have been modeling their entire lives! Addison started her session that way too, but she was a natural! Absolutely Beautiful! 

I know I say it ALL THE TIME, but I really do have the most beautiful seniors. Not just physically either. I have not had a senior (or family) that has not been a dream to work with to date! I am truly blessed with the top notch clients! Humble, kind and BEAUTIFUL! 

This session was fun and it has been a location I have loved using this year. (I do that! I will find a location that I love and use it more one year and then the next year, I won't shoot there at all, and I rotate it back in later.) 

Here are a handful of my favorites from Addison's session. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photography Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Sun, 11 Oct 2020 06:47:18 GMT
McKenzie: Class of 2021 {Idaho Falls Senior Photography} This year is just surreal for me. Not only do I have my own senior, all of her classmates are right there with her. Kenzie and my daughter went to elementary school together and  they were good friends in middle school before they went down their different paths in high school. McKenzie is as sweet as can be, is very fun to watch on the basketball court and HELLO, She is so beautiful! 

Thanks for a fun afternoon Kenzie! Congratulations on Senior Year!  

(Jen Dixon Photography) Class of 2021 Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Tue, 29 Sep 2020 05:32:54 GMT
Szabo Sunflower Session {Idaho Falls Family Photography} Wanna see one of the cutest little families?

Mom had been waiting patiently for the Sunflower field to officially open and when the announcement came, she beat me to inquiring before I even announced sessions. 

We had so much fun wondering around the patch, exploring the maze-like layout they laid out this year. The girls loved picking a sunflower to take their pictures with. 



(Jen Dixon Photography) Family Sunflower Photo Session Idaho Falls Family Photography Idaho Falls Sunflower Sessions Rigby Family Photography Sunflower Sessions Sat, 19 Sep 2020 08:40:09 GMT
Elizabeth {Idaho Falls Child Photography} To have the energy this little one has, is a dream many of us have. She is such a busy bee, and at this session, she was chasing those bees! We had to get our shots quick, cause she was on to a new path no sooner then we finally got her to stand where we wanted her to! Somehow, and its still a wonder to me, we were able to get the cutest shots, both candid and posed! 

I have loved having the sunflower fields in our area the last two years. Each year the farmer is tweeking and learning the best set up, planting times and such to extend the year for Sunflower days. Next year, you need to go take a stroll through the field. Acres and Acres of sunshine. {Wild Adventure Corn Maze - Idaho Falls, ID}

(Jen Dixon Photography) Child Sunflower Session Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Sunflower Sessions Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Child Photographer Sat, 19 Sep 2020 07:57:39 GMT
Stormy: Class of 2020 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} What can I say about Stormy here? Well, I love this girl like a second daughter! She has been my daughters best friend for years through dance and that friendship has continued through cheer and in life in general! She was lucky enough to graduate a trimester early so she didn't have to do online classes through the community shut down. I am excited to see where this girls future takes her! She is such a caring, fun loving girl that is always silly! 

Stormy was on my 2020 model team as well, and we wondered all over the mountains, up to St Anthony, and all around. Stormy's luck this year was that every single time we scheduled a session, we had to reschedule due to yucky Idaho weather... it was soo annoying, but if anyone could role with the weather punches, it was Stormy! 

Congrats Stormy! Thank you for being you, for loving my Kaebs and for allowing us to be a part of your story! 

Here are few of my favorites from Stormy's sessions! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Fri, 15 May 2020 07:00:39 GMT
Kennedy: Class of 2020 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographers} Kennedy is the sweetest thing there is! Always up for whatever, willing to go wherever. We traveled up to Palisades, then once to Heise for a session that we had to reschedule because there was a situation when we got up there and we got stopped at a police road block (luckily we were safe and scheduled for the next weekend). We went for an adventure on an island that you can't get to in the summer and it was sooo pretty!

Kennedy is on her way to college to get a degree in teaching! She will be a wonderful teacher! 

Thank you Kennedy for allowing me to be a part of your senior year and being an awesome model team member!

Here are a handful of my favorites from her sessions.  

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Rigby Senior Photographer Fri, 15 May 2020 06:34:15 GMT
Alexia: Class of 2020 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Alexia is a talented dancer, an amazing daughter and sister and her heart is as pure as gold. Alexia was one of my 2020 senior team members and she has been such a pleasure to work with, from our Flag session, to the sunflowers, to her personal sessions to show her country side and dance life to our final Cap & Grown session.  Here are a few of my favorite images from her session. She is headed to ISU for college to be a cosmetologist. Congrats Alexia! Thanks for letting me play a part in your journey. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Fri, 15 May 2020 05:27:02 GMT
Kennedy - Class of 2020 Cap & Gown {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} I have had such a fun year with Kennedy on my Class of 2020 Senior Model Team. I wish her last months as at High School would have been as great as they could be but the story she has to tell, well, no one else can tell it. 

Our last hooray session! And, some photos with her pretty awesome boyfriend, Carson! Congrats Guys! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Cap & Gown Session Class of 2020 Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Rigby Senior Photographer Wed, 06 May 2020 07:25:16 GMT
Kennedy : Class of 2020 Ice Palace Session {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Kennedy's Ice Palace shoot is the last for this year. Kennedy also chose a formal look and all I have to say is WOW! I love this with the Red! Kind of gives it that Fire and Ice feel! She just pops right off that blue ice!

Maybe next year we will have to do a family session at the Ice Palace! It would be so fun! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Ice Palace Senior Session Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Rigby Senior Photographer Thu, 23 Apr 2020 02:13:03 GMT
Stormy: Class of 2020 Ice Palace {Idaho Falls Senior Photography} Next up in the Ice Palace series is Stormy. Stormy chose to go with a formal look to her session. I love the Blue dress with the beautiful blue ice in the background. Stormy is my natural in front of the camera and this shoot was no different. You wanna know a secret? She totally has her jeans on under her dress! Silly girl, but hey, she stayed warm! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Ice Palace Senior Shoot Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Labelle Lake Ice Palace Rigby Photographer Rigby Senior Photographer Wed, 22 Apr 2020 05:15:57 GMT
Alexia: Ice Palace {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} I love that we now have somewhere like this so close to home. The Labelle Lake Ice Palace is such a fun place. Not only during the day with all the beautiful blue ice, but at night when they light the whole thing up. I didn't make it in this year during the night festivities, BOOO! Next year! 

I asked my model team if any of them wanted to do a shoot at the palace and turned out, these 3 were all game! I really left the look up to them. Formal dress, slightly themed, casual, it was whatever they wanted. Alexia chose to do an icey theme. 

Here are a few of my favorites from Alexia's session. Stay tuned for Kennedy and Stormy's sessions next. 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Ice Palace Senior Session Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Mon, 13 Apr 2020 07:14:29 GMT
Mandy & Nic {Idaho Falls Family Photography} Mandy is one of my bestest friends in the world. We have been friends since 10th grade and were constantly getting into all kinds of mischief together. Our kiddos are only 6 weeks apart too, so it was fun being pregnant with my best friend and our kids growing up together. Mandy is one of the most amazing people I know. She is uplifting and caring and lets not point out the obvious, GORGEOUS! Nic, well, he is a smart allec! He loves to heckle ya. I can't believe the kids are going to be SENIORS next year! AHHHH!!! I love these 2 tons and bunches! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Family Country Session Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Mother & Teen Son Photo Session Tue, 07 Apr 2020 06:00:30 GMT
Hailee: Class of 2020 {Idaho Falls Senior Photography} This was the 2nd session of the day following Thomas (the last blog post). I was worried about Hailee's session but we had postponed for weather a few times and the weather wasn't going to get better in the months to come. So, we went for it! Guess what! It was perfect! No issues whatsoever and we had a stunning senior session in a local park and then along the river in Idaho Falls. I love this location in the summer, when the river is full and this location has a beautiful little waterfall spilling over the rocks, but let me tell you about all the fun I had when the water was not there and we could cross over! One of my new favorite locations for sure!!! 

I cannot believe Hailee is a senior! The years pass right by us and while I feel the same, these kids in our lives grow right up, faster then you can imagine. Hailee is a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out. Her talent and love for dance is amazing! She is so beautiful to watch on the stage. She is kind, uplifting and postiive ALWAYS!!! I have never seen this girl without a smile! I am certain this girl will go on to do amazing things in adulthood as well! 

Here are a few of my favorite from Hailee's session! Congrats Hailee! Class of 2020!

(Jen Dixon Photography) Fall Senior Session Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Tue, 07 Apr 2020 05:49:41 GMT
Thomas: Class of 2020 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} I had 2 sessions this day and let me tell ya, I was worried! We had been having the yuckiest weather the days leading up and the wind can be a bit of a problematic 2 year old around here. Thomas, I wasn't as worried about his hair blowing everywhere, but more the cold. We set to it though and made our way around the fun alley's of the historic Idaho Falls. Half way through, my lens started acting weird and I just felt like everything was going to go against me for the rest of the day. I took a break for a few minutes and we jumped in our cars for a quick warm up while I tried to figure out what my dang camera was doing to me. Luckily, I had a different lens and we got back to the session. 

Luckily we survived the weather and had a great session. Look at this kid! Class of 2020! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Alley Senior Session Downtown Senior Sessions Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Tue, 07 Apr 2020 05:36:55 GMT
White Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography} In small towns, its a small world is used frequently! Now, Idaho Falls isn't tiny by all means, but it is still small enough that you fun into someone you know around a corner or two. Jimmy and Mary are the parents to one of my senior model reps this year, Kennedy. I went to high school with Jimmy and Mary, but we ran in different social circles. Years later and I have their cute oldest as one of my reps and she is awesome! Even smaller world, there middle child is the same age as my daughter and I used to go help out in the Kindergarten class, and would do his little timed tests with him each week. I am sure he doesn't remember me from then but that's okay. 

Needless to say, this family is the coolest there is! 

Here are a few of my faves from their session along the river bottoms in Kelly's canyon this last fall! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Family of 5 photoshoot Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Family Photographer Rigby Photographer Wed, 19 Feb 2020 02:31:09 GMT
Nielsen Children {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} OHH-EM-GHEE! These two kiddos are straight outta a children's gap ad! Miss B is just a natural in front of the camera and her brother, Mr C, is always looking behind ya for an adventure. LOL! He's busy, with things to do. They love each other though! 

I always have fun with the Nielsen clan. They are such a cute family! I mean, look at these two!!! Gorgeous!  


(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Children Photography Rigby Photographer Sat, 15 Feb 2020 00:15:00 GMT
Vincent & Olivia: Class of 2020 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} First things first, NOT TWINS. Just lucky enough to be seniors together! 

Olivia is sweet and quite with such a sweet smile, Vincent was talkative and  was supposed to be a little stubborn (Mom said he wasn't all that excited for pictures and was thinking he might be harder, but little did we expect, he was great!) There session was in the summer but their schedules were so crazy that Mom had a hard time getting a chance to have them pick their images till a little later, which is fine! Technically as long as we have them in time to do graduation announcements, we are good! 

Mom's only request was that we got at least one image of the kids together. Check! 

Now, images have been delivered and here are a few of my favorites from their session!   


(Jen Dixon Photography) Class of 2020 Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Senior Siblings Tue, 11 Feb 2020 23:00:00 GMT
The Perez's {Idaho Falls Family Photography} This session was one of those that given a different situation or a session with smaller children, could have been a mess!

We were scheduled for right after a holiday while their oldest was home for Thanksgiving break, so we were pretty committed to the date. It was a little windy but we were taking them in the alleys so we did have some wind block and stuck to the plan. We were setting up the first pose when suddenly we had snow! It was the big light fluffy snow and luckily it wasn't going sideways. Mom was super jazzed with the snow and the session turned out pretty awesome. Had it been something we could have planned, minor changes would have taken place but we can't control the weather. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Family of Four Family Snow Photoshoot Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Family Photographer Mon, 10 Feb 2020 04:22:27 GMT
Miss A's Cake Smash {Rigby Child Photographer} Oh my goodness, this little girl is the absolute sweetest little thing! Such a mellow, laid back one year old. Mom said she is just a content little one and said we also might not get HUGE smiles. This was one of those sessions where my energy would have been too much and I had to sit back while mom and dad did their magic and look at these precious smiles! She however was not all that interested in getting dirty! Who would have thought?! (It is common for little ones to not LOVE smashing cake outside of home. Luckily, Mom's sister is a photographer in another state and gave Mom the heads up prior to the session of what might go down!) Dad was excited though, having the cake in mostly one piece meant he got some when they got back home! It looks dang yummy, I was craving cake the rest of the day! 

Mom reached out to me about 2 weeks before I was headed out on vacation. She needed a cake smash session and in order to make it all work and get her the images before I left for the party that was happening while I was gone, we had to act FAST. So, I spoke with Mom on Saturday and we were in the studio the following Saturday! Mom wanted a simple boho theme and I love me some simplicity! I normally don't have a lot of props at my cake smash sessions. I was able to send images over literally the night before I left. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from her session! I am sure she had the best 1st birthday ever! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Blush Boho Cake Smash Cake Smash Session Huge Balloon Session Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer One year Portraits Rexburg Child Photographer Rigby Child Photography Rigby Photographer Tue, 04 Feb 2020 23:00:00 GMT
The Hansen's {Rigby Family Photographer} Yep, It is that time of year to try to do some catching up with my blog posts! 

The Ririe river bottoms is one of my favorite places to shoot sessions at. During the fall, you can cross over a little inlet that you can't get to when the river is running higher. During the summer, it is green and lush and it makes it worth battling the mosquitos for the scenery! 

Luckily, for the Hansen's, it wasn't skeeter season. Josh and Jess have a beautiful family and they have the best smiles!! I really enjoyed working with the Hansen family! I get really lucky to have the best clients! 

Here are a few of my favorites from their session.  

(Jen Dixon Photography) Family of Four Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer Rigby Children Photographer Rigby Family Photographer Tue, 04 Feb 2020 06:19:59 GMT
Braxton & Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} When Braxton turned one, we did a session with him in a field of cows, in nothing but a pair of boots and a cowboy hat. It was adorable, the cows in the background wondering what the heck we were doing out there....

This year, Braxton turned 7 and we have had some fun sessions with him and his parents over the years! He is growing up so fast, cause it feels like yesterday that we had that adorable little one year old, out playing with the cows. Time goes by so quickly, it seems like you blink and an entire year has gone by just like that. 

I am looking forward to Braxton's 8 year session, but it can take it's time getting here!

Here are a few of my faves from their session. Isn't he just a little heart throb? I love this location, just right off the river in Kelly's canyon. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Fri, 31 Jan 2020 10:01:24 GMT
Hailee: Class of 2020 Sunflower Session {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} I was super excited that I found a local farm that had a HUGE field of sunflowers that opened up for photo sessions before they harvested them. It was soooo pretty but there were some challenges that I learned for next year when I offer my sunflower sessions again. 

When I saw this field,  I knew Hailee  would LOVE to shoot in a sunflower field so I messaged mom and sure enough, we set a date and had an evening wondering among the sunflowers. 

Here are a few from Hailee's session! Now, I can't hardly wait for next years sunflowers!

(PS- One of Hailee's shots from this session got published! Can you guess which one?)

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Photographer Rigby Senior Photographer Sunflower Senior Session Wed, 13 Nov 2019 07:35:09 GMT
Emma : Class of 2020 {Alpine Senior Photography} This session was pretty awesome. Emma messaged me to set up her senior session and once we confirmed, I found out she was reaching out from the next state over. Once I weighed the locations between me and her, I went her direction and loved the fun spots we found around Palisades, ID. Seriously, I could shoot up there all the time and be happy! It is so beautiful! 

Emma right here is a complete STUNNER!!! Seriously, beautiful and as sweet as can be! Emma is a natural in front of the camera and when I asked her if she has done some modeling, she said none, but they watch a lot of America's Next Top Model. So, that totally worked out for us. 

Seriously though, look at this gal! She is so beautiful!! Also, we have already gotten 2 of her photos published this year! I am not the only one who thinks she's gorgeous! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Alpine Senior Photographer Class of 2020 Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Mountain Senior Session Palisades Senior Session Rigby Senior Photographer Wed, 25 Sep 2019 07:11:12 GMT
Tacia & Kyle {Idaho Falls Couple Photography} Tacia & Kyle were so much fun to photograph! Tacia moved back east the day after this session but wanted to get a session done with Kyle to capture Idaho before she left. She wanted sage brush and mountains and Kelly Canyon gave us the perfect setting. 

Little did she know, Kyle reached out to me and wanted to propose during their session! So we had a plan and it was sooo sweet! I loved that I got to be apart of their special moment here in our beautiful Idaho before they left! Hopefully they can make it back this way to visit our beautiful state again. In the meantime, I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Couple Photographer Kelly Canyon Session Rigby Couples Photographer Sagebrush Session Surprise Engagement Session Thu, 19 Sep 2019 00:00:00 GMT
Mason & Melissa {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} I love my sessions with Mason and his mom Melissa each year! I've said it a handful of times, but it just doesn't change... He is the sweetest kiddo, he is the best listener and we really do have fun at our sessions! Melissa is as sweet as they come too! I just adore the both of them!

Here's a few from there session over at the Rock Garden in Idaho Falls. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Flower Family Session Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Rigby Child Photography Rigby Family Photographer Rock Garden Session Tue, 17 Sep 2019 23:00:00 GMT
Homecoming 2019 {Idaho Falls Senior & Teen Photographer} I don't normally do a lot of dance photos but homecoming is one of my faves. The weather is still awesome to do on location/outdoor dance pictures. Kennedy is one of my senior reps, so when she asked me to do photos for them, I was totally in. Then, we showed up to the location and WOW, the cars suggested the location was going to be rather crowded, but it all worked out perfectly. Aren't they just the cutest couple?! They are the sweetest too! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) high school dance homecoming photos idaho falls photographer idaho falls senior photographer jen dixon photography photographer" rigby rigby photographer senior Mon, 16 Sep 2019 06:41:00 GMT
Kendra : Class of 2019 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Let me tell you about my love hate relationship with large animals. Okay, it isn't that I hate them. I don't! I really think they are beautiful animals. I have ridden a horse and I have led a cow, but they intimidate the heck out of me. Literally!!! I survived this session and I LOVE how it turned out. This girl though, she is a horse riding fool! She has won awards and all! Congrats to this smart cookie! Graduating Class of 2019. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Senior Horse Photoshoot Twin Bridges Photoshoot Mon, 22 Jul 2019 19:45:00 GMT
Gracie : Sweet 16 {Idaho Falls Teen Photographer} Time to play some catch up here, but not from too far back, just right before spring. The snow was melting and it was actually a pretty warm day. We headed up to the desert right by the Menan Buttes for a fun session with Gracie and my Kaebs. Afterwards, we got all the way back home and realized that I left my camera bag in the desert. So back up in the dark we went. Luckily we found it pretty quickly. I am good at doing that. I need a tracking device on that sucker. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) best friends photoshoot Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Teen Photographer Menan Buttes Rigby Teen Photographer Sixteen Year Photoshoot Tue, 16 Jul 2019 01:30:00 GMT
Schroeder Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} Family is Forever. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Family of Four Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Rigby Family Photographer Thu, 11 Jul 2019 16:00:00 GMT
Stormy : All American Girl {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} You're a grand old flag
You're a high-flying flag
And forever in peace may you wave
You're the emblem of
The land I love
The home of the free and the brave
Ev'ry heart beats true
Under red, white and blue
Where there's never a boast or brag
But should old acquaintance be forgot
Keep your eye on the grand old flag

-George M Cohan

(Jen Dixon Photography) Flag Shoot Fourth of July Photoshoot Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Tue, 09 Jul 2019 06:12:46 GMT
Kennedy : All American Girl {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Land of the Free, because of the Brave! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Flag Shoot Fourth of July Photoshoot Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Tue, 09 Jul 2019 06:02:30 GMT
Alexia : All American Girl {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} The funnest part of working with a model team is the fun themed shoots that we get to do. I have a flag photo with my daughter that I have always loved and wanted to do more. My sister found this flag for me at a thrift store years ago and I LOVE IT. The quality is amazing and it has a vintage feel to it. It's a big ole flag that stands for the freedom of America and we are lucky to have the freedoms that we have. 

Enjoy some of my faves from Alexia's Flag session and visit the blog for Stormy and Kennedy's sessions as well. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Flag Shoot Fourth of July Photoshoot Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Tue, 09 Jul 2019 05:48:02 GMT
Taya : Class of 2019 {Idaho Falls Senior Photography} Taya is a beacon of light, motivation, positivity and passion. She is as beautiful inside as she is outside! Her drive led her to graduate with honors from Bonneville High School. She is headed to college and on path to live her bestest life! I am so excited for Taya on her journey into adulthood! Congrats Taya! Class of 2019! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Cap and Gown Session Class of 2019 Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Mon, 03 Jun 2019 08:05:35 GMT
Allie : 2019 Graduate {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} This girl! Brains, bronze and beauty! Now she is on her way to college! Allie has been such a fun gal to work with this year and a breeze to work with. She was a member of the FIRST ever graduating class of Thunder Ridge High School, which is pretty dang cool! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your senior year Allie. I am excited to see you achieve your dreams! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Cap and Gown Session Class of 2019 Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Thunder Ridge High School Mon, 03 Jun 2019 07:49:19 GMT
Dru: Class of 2019 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} This kid right here is too much fun! We were kind of pulling things together and I was thinking I wanted to do something with his dirt bike when same day as the shoot, he informs me that his dirt bike is BROKEN... wah wah wahhh! He does, however, have a moped... WHAAAT?! Yeah, bring it, we'll totally pull this off! So we hung out downtown and had fun with the moped and turns out, big folks in the senior photography industry liked them as well! We'll get back to that though. 

Dru is a total goof ball. So, this session was FAR from your average session. I drug the hubby along for this one, since the two worked together and have soooo many serious moments during the day (NOT!) and texted Dad behind the scene shots the entire time. Mom and Dad were worried for a minute that he was being too goofy and he might be messing around with getting great shot, but we assured them, there was some serious photography going on! Like this beaut right here...  In the end, Dru danced his way back to his truck while I laughed so hard I thought I might cry (and recorded video...) and then we won contests! Look at us go! Here are his two shots that ended up being published in NATIONAL MAGAZINES! I am honored to be selected as one of this years HOT 100 photographers in Senior Style Guide and super excited to see this second shot in Senior Muse Magazine was a pretty sweet surprise as well! 
And here are some highlights from the rest of the session! Thanks Dru, for hanging out with me! We will have to do it again! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) grunge senior session hot 100 senior photographer Hot 100 Senior Style Guide idaho falls publish senior photographer idaho falls senior photographer jen dixon photography senior moped session senior muse published Fri, 08 Mar 2019 06:36:32 GMT
Kelsie: Class of 2019 {Shelley / Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Uploading images to my blog is making me nostalgic for warmer weather again. Looking out my window, I see so much snow! 

Kelsie is absolutely gorgeous! Her session was awesome, we had beautiful weather, and the fall colors were in full bloom along the Ririe river bottoms. I love fall sessions. I love how the colors complimented Kelsie at this session as well. She rocked the fall palette. Check out a few shots from her session.  Kelsie is a senior at Shelley High School.

It was sooo warm! Spring is on its way, we will make it! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Session Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Shelley Senior Photographer Shelley Senior Session Mon, 11 Feb 2019 10:52:33 GMT
New Adventures in 2018-2019 {Thunder Ridge HS Cheerleaders} Life leads you down roads you wouldn't ever think you would take and this year was one of those road trips. As many of you know, I am a Dance Mom to an amazing dancer. A dancer who has danced since she was 3 years old. At 15 years old, she questioned her passions and tried out for cheerleading and SHE MADE IT! VARSITY EVEN! With some of her bestest friends too! So this year has been adventures in Cheerleading. Games, practices, more games and now competitions. 

I did Mini Sessions with a few of the girls for cheer. Allie is the team captain. She is one of my senior reps this year, as well as one of my daughters best friends. They have danced together for years and have had a blast on the cheer team together this year. 

Kenzie is on the varsity team as well. 
Kenzie danced with Kaebree for years as well, but she has cheered for a few years now. It has been fun being back on the same team together and having schedules match up to hang out again! Kenzie is one cute flyer too! 

I always have a blast hanging out with these girls and I am super proud of what they have accomplished! It has been fun being on the first ever cheer squad for Thunder Ridge! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Cheerleader Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Session Jen Dixon Photography Rigby Senior Photographer Shelley Senior Photographer Shelley Senior Session Thunder Ridge Cheerleader Mon, 11 Feb 2019 09:46:58 GMT
Taya- Class of 2019 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Taya and her mom met me in Kelly Canyon for Taya's senior session. We started out a little closer to civilization but I convinced them into taking a "little" jont through the mountains to this favorite hidden spot of mine. This drive literally has you asking "Are we there yet?" or "Are we getting close" several times but it is worth it. I would totally shoot here all the time if the drive didn't seem so long. When we got there, the skeeters literally ate us ALIVE, even with all the skeeter spray we used.  

It wasn't all bad though, we had a stunning background with the mountains and the water, there is an amazing creek that runs through the area that we played in and it is super secluded and peaceful! Add Taya and it was perfect! I love this lady's smile, her bubbly personality and her kind heart! 

Thanks for allowing me to capture this time for you Taya! You are one of a kind awesome! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Class of 2019 Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Mountain Senior Session Rigby Senior Photographer Sun, 28 Oct 2018 04:02:47 GMT
Kasey & Elan's Clan {Idaho Falls Family Photography} One family, happily blended. You would never be able to tell this is a blended family. The connections were real. Their is adoration, love and completion. I love how the younger girls look up to their older siblings and just had a good time at their session. They really are a beautiful family! 

I come from a blended family myself. I have a half brother and a step mom, a step dad and a step brother and with all that, I have an entire set of bonus family on each side. Just more people to love and to be loved by! 

This session was fun! We headed up towards Kelly Canyon and then down to the river bottoms. I love that we have such amazing locations close by and they are really just a quick trip.

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Wed, 24 Oct 2018 07:28:41 GMT
Szabo Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography} Today's blog is a little different. I am thinking in coming months that each session will have a video of their images, what do you think? Would you love a video of your session? 

Amanda and Mike have such a beautiful family! Amanda is my planner. She plans for location, poses and style. She had ran across a photo that she loved the location of, and we got pointed in the direction of the spot. So, we loaded up and started to head out of town to give us a little bit of time to make sure we could locate it in real time. As we were pulling out of town, a MASSIVE windstorm started coming through town. It blew all the way out of town and we were worried that the wind would require a reschedule, but figured since we were already on our way, we could at least scout and know exactly where we were going the next time. Luckily, Amanda and Mike are roll with the punches kind of people, and as we were driving around the hills, she was pointing out lots of spots that she loved in the event we didn't find the exact one we were looking for. Lucky for us, the wind had stopped and we had a perfect session. 

She loved the earthy tones of the road and soft colors of the sage brush. We finally made a decision and pulled over to get our shots. I love that we were aiming for the candid moments as well as the formal family photos. The girls nailed it and loved playing in the dirt once they were done with their shots and we finished up with mom and dad. 

Thanks Amanda, Mike, Miss D & Miss N for the adventure! Can't wait for next years! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Sage Brush Family Session Wed, 12 Sep 2018 05:25:22 GMT
Simpson Boys {Idaho Falls Photographer} This dynamic duo is quite the pair! Both super sweet, super fun little gentleman. They are amazing motocross riders too! Mom and I were talking about the day girls come in to the picture and she said they already have girlfriends, in the garage! Got a chuckle out of that one. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer idaho falls photographer Idaho Falls Teen Photography Motocross Brothers Motorcycle Portrait Session Sun, 09 Sep 2018 21:05:25 GMT
Nicole & Elizabeth {Idaho Falls Children Photographer} These two are like two peas in a pod! Elizabeth came and spent a week with her Grandma's while her parents took a vacay and while she was with Grandma Sandy, we took the girls out to get some shots in their matching outfits. I have the cutest sister-in-law and niece!


(Jen Dixon Photography) best aunt/niece ever idaho falls child photographer idaho falls child photography idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography twinsies session Thu, 14 Jun 2018 19:15:00 GMT
Rikkayla Nelson {Jr Miss Idaho Teen 2018} I kicked off the warm weather and late spring with a fun spur of the moment session with Rikkayla- International Junior Miss Idaho Teen. This girl is already a favorite of mine, but if you don't know Rikkayla, trust me when I say that she is one of the sweetest and most deserving of her title. Not to mention she is an amazing All-Star cheerleader! Rikkayla needed some shots for her campaign ad last minute, but we battled a breeze and got our shots and the ad put together just in time!

Rikkayla Nelson is attending the International Junior Miss pageant this July and will be representing the great state of Idaho as the IJM Idaho State Teen. What an adventure and an experience it has been for this talented and sweet girl. Join me in wishing her luck!

Thank you Heather and Rikkayla, for trusting me to save the day for you guys! It was super fun, like always! I love hanging with your entire family!  

(Jen Dixon Photography) idaho falls headshot photographer idaho falls photographer idaho falls teen photographer ijm teen 2018 jen dixon photography junior miss idaho teen 2018 pageant headshots Fri, 08 Jun 2018 07:33:43 GMT
Miloh {One year Photo Session & Cake Smash} Cactuses, Boats and this handsome little boss baby made for an awesome session.

This session was actually 2 sessions, one pre-hair cut and then after hair cut. Seriously, Miloh is adorable and his mom is the sweetest gal! She totally didn't mind that I had stinky baby goats in my garage for the weekend while we were baby sitting. ;)

Miloh is the happiest little guy, big smiles the entire time. The pleasure was all mine during this session! Thanks Paige and Miloh for a fun time!

(Jen Dixon Photography) boss baby photoshoot cactus cake smash idaho falls child photography idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography one year photo session Fri, 20 Apr 2018 07:04:02 GMT
The results are in {2018 Shoot & Share Photograph Contest} You know what I have figured out trying to keep up with my blog? That I am better at taking photos then I am at writing. ;) I keep trying though, it will all come together at some point. Right?!

For the last 3 years, I have entered an international photo contest put on by Shoot & Share and the results are in for 2018. Over 412,379 photos were submitted to the contest by photographers all over the world. I normally get asked to share the link so friends and family can help me win, but this contest really doesn't work like that. The voting is unanimous, time consuming and addictive. 4 images in a category pop up on the screen and you select your favorite. This can go on for hours, and days and weeks! A huge percentage of the voters are photographers. Nothing a little more nerve racking then having the results in the hands of your peers, but it is super fun! You honestly RARELY see one of your images, this was the only one I saw pop up in my voting and honestly, this image was eliminated from the contest pretty early (you win some and you lose some). It is exciting to see your images come through. I feel like that is what drives you to keep voting sometimes, just the chance to see one of your images. OH, and you don't get to track how you are doing, you just get a final report at the end on how your images did. I didn't enter all 50 images this year, last year I was still feeling pretty uninspired as I was still dealing with some residual depression after losing my father, but I wanted to still enter with some that I really loved. The results really narrowed down to 2 sessions from last year, which was pretty crazy.

I usually avoid entering photo contests, but with this one I leave feeling inspired and hopeful. I see beautiful images with creativity and quality that I feel are not unobtainable for me. I see that my work over the last 7 years has grown and knowing that I am improving and my work is making it to even the top 30% on an off year, excited me for this year and what I can bring the 2019 contest. It also shows me that sometimes the images I am not calling my best can be seen as awesome to many others (from the first contest I did and walked away a finalist with my image ranking 102, just 2 images away from a TOP 100!) and that I should have a little more faith in myself and my work. Here's to 2018 and aiming for higher in the 2019 contest.

Check out all the images I submitted in the 2018 contest here!


(Jen Dixon Photography) idaho falls child photography idaho falls senior photographer jen dixon photography rigby child photograper rigby senior photographer shoot & share shoot & share contest shoot & share contest results Mon, 16 Apr 2018 08:32:26 GMT
Dutch- One Year Session {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} I just got a cake smash gallery out to a fun client and decided I better jump over here and post images from my last cake smash!

I have spent years hanging out with Becky as a fellow dance mom before her daughter moved on. This family has been so fun over the years and it was fun to see her little guy aside from photos on Facebook! My daughter even got to catch up with their daughter during the shoot. It was great to see them again. We sure miss them at dance.

Dutch here really is a cutie! I laugh at this session because he really didn't want to dig into this adorable cake. (Paisley Cakes in Blackfoot, ID did an amazing job on this cute little fox cake. If you are looking for a cake, I highly recommend them.) After some prompting, coaxing and begging, I finally went to the kitchen and grabbed a spoon and guess what, it worked for us! He smashed that cake good, mission accomplished!

(Jen Dixon Photography) cake smash session fox cake smash fox themed session idaho falls child photographer idaho falls child photography idaho falls photographer rigby child photographer rigby photographer Wed, 28 Mar 2018 08:05:07 GMT
Szabo Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography}

(Jen Dixon Photography) idaho falls child photographer idaho falls child photography idaho falls family photographer idaho falls photographer Mon, 05 Feb 2018 03:24:36 GMT
Jason & Kaebree {Idaho Falls Family Photography}

(Jen Dixon Photography) father & teen daughter photo session idaho falls family photographer idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography Mon, 05 Feb 2018 03:17:40 GMT
Kenna | Class of 2018 {Senior Photography}  



(Jen Dixon Photography) class of 2018 idaho falls senior photographer idaho falls senior sessions senior photography Mon, 05 Feb 2018 03:13:55 GMT
Taylor Family {Rigby Family Photography}  




(Jen Dixon Photography) family idaho falls family photographer idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography rigby family photographer rigby photography Mon, 05 Feb 2018 01:21:22 GMT
Howard Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography}  

(Jen Dixon Photography) fall family session idaho falls child photography idaho falls family photographer idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography Mon, 05 Feb 2018 01:01:50 GMT
Ferguson- Back to School {Rigby Child Photography} Oh man! I mean, should I even post them when they are this far behind? Well, YES!!! These guys are too cute to not share. I look forward to this cute family each and every time they book a session. I literally go though withdrawals when it feels like it has been too long. They are all growing up soo much. A little too fast though!!


(Jen Dixon Photography) back to school child photo session ferguson family idaho falls child photography rigby child photography Thu, 04 Jan 2018 06:33:18 GMT
Holverson Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography} You know what, this is one of my most favoritest families right here! Maybe cause they are part of mine but if you know these four, you know they are one of a kind amazing people! This is Bailey and Rylan's Back to School session and their family session all rolled into one post. Yeah, look at me cheating!

(Jen Dixon Photography) back to school family of 4 photo session holverson family idaho falls family photographer idaho falls photographer idaho falls teen photography Thu, 04 Jan 2018 06:31:54 GMT
Team by Design, Sisters by Choice {Idaho Falls Teen Photography} These 6 ladies are the elite team of their dance company but don't consider themselves just team members, but sisters at heart. They spend so much time together in the studio that they like to mix it up and do things outside the studio, non dance related, and just have fun. We had a blast doing this session and the amount of beauty is overwhelming with these girls!

(Jen Dixon Photography) friends session idaho falls teen photography rigby teen photgraphy six teenagers team photos Wed, 03 Jan 2018 22:45:00 GMT
A Girl, A Boy & Her Horses {Idaho Falls Couple Photography} The title explains it all! We had to have a helper to get two horses and their humans to do what they were supposed to but we did get it. I would be totally lying if I said that the horses were the hardest ones to keep focused. Our running joke at Amber and Cody's sessions is "Squirrel!" I loved that the big horse is Amber's baby and the little guy was Cody's little friend. All in all, they know who feeds them. :)


(Jen Dixon Photography) horses and couple photography idaho falls couple photography idaho falls horse session idaho falls photographer rigby couple photography rigby photographer Wed, 03 Jan 2018 18:45:00 GMT
Al & Tana- Extended Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography} "Being a family mean that you are apart of something wonderful, it means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what."

(Jen Dixon Photography) extended family session idaho falls family photographer idaho falls family photography jen dixon photography Wed, 03 Jan 2018 03:15:00 GMT
Heier Beauties {Idaho Falls Family Photography} "Here's to the strong women, May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them."

Oh my goodness, these ladies right here are pure beauties! We had fun shooting this session and the girls had fun exploring. Friendlies little girls I have had the pleasure of photographing too!


(Jen Dixon Photography) family of 3 idaho falls child photographer idaho falls child photography idaho falls family photographer idaho falls photographer rigby family photography Tue, 02 Jan 2018 23:45:00 GMT
Braxton- 5 Year Session {Idaho Falls Child Photography} Braxton turned 5 this year and that means his 5 year old session! I have had Braxton since his 1 year old session which makes me happy as can be as I love watching these kids grow and see their personalities change at each session. That has to be my favorite part of photographing children.

Last year we did a super hero theme and had a blast, this year we had to go with something fun as well so we played in the creek on my families private property and we caught imaginary fish, which is something I knew Braxton could pull off. This kiddo has the best imagination and totally played into fake fishing as if we were really out on the lake reelin them in by the hordes.



(Jen Dixon Photography) 5 year old session children gone fishing idaho falls child photographer idaho falls child photography idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography rigby child photographer rigby child photography Mon, 01 Jan 2018 23:30:12 GMT
Nicole {Back to School Session} Yeah, yeah.. I know, school has been in session a while now, but this gal does home school and she is my sister-in-law and we don't play by the rules! lol. I always have fun shooting with Nicole here, I really need to get a creative shoot in the works with her. Now the question is, a winter shoot or a summer shoot??? Hmmmmm.....

(Jen Dixon Photography) idaho falls child photographer idaho falls child photography idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography rigby child photographer rigby child photography Sat, 30 Dec 2017 23:00:00 GMT
Arrowood Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography} Now that all the Christmas cards are out and we are past the holidays, I can share all the fun family sessions I did this fall! Although this session was a gift from dad to mom for their anniversary, so I don't have an excuse for this one... These guys are the sweetest people you will meet and I am really glad that I got to hang out with them. Are they not just a picture perfect little family?!

(Jen Dixon Photography) fall family photos family of four idaho falls child photography idaho falls family photographer idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography rigby family photographer rigby family photography Fri, 29 Dec 2017 21:15:00 GMT
Back to School | Taya & Ashlyn {Idaho Falls & Rigby Child Photographer} Every time I do these sessions, I have the silliest song pop in my head, from the dumbest movie I watched when I was in my late teens. "Back to school, Back to school, to prove to dad that I'm not a fool." and so it goes on. Who has seen Billy Madison? I don't recommend you go out and watch it by all mean, because it is really not the most appropriate at all, or do... depends on what you are in to for movies. ;)

These however are very appropriate! Taya and Ashlyn headed back to school, with everyone else, this last week, but not before our fun session. This one was adventurous, we had to deal with stickers... ALL OVER MY LEGS! lol. The girls were both in dresses, so for the most part, they came away mostly sticker free. I have to admit, I adore these girls. They are both beautiful and have so many amazing strengths and the sweetest and best personalities. Ashlyn is my nieces best friend and they have pretty much become family. Every time she comes out to the house with my niece, you can always find her stalking the cats, she loves those kitties! She even knows where to avoid due to the stinky kitties too. We do have a few skunks on the premises. Taya is a busy girl, she was telling me all the things she does and I was tired just trying to keep up!  She is so outgoing and friendly, you just have to love her! They are both growing up way to fast too, like all kids do, and the older they get, the more the cuteness fades away to pure beauty that radiates from within all the way out! So, here is to 6th grade and Junior year for these two ladies. Do me a favor, and quit growing! I am sure your parents would agree that we would all be content keeping you this age forever!


(Jen Dixon Photography) back to school children idaho falls child photograper idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography junior year rigby photographer teens Thu, 07 Sep 2017 06:23:28 GMT
Bronson: Cuddles Session {Idaho Falls | Rigby Child Photographer} I love busy little people! To watch them enjoy the world around them is a pleasure! Bronson is no stranger to busy. He was ready to go, we had to move fast to keep up! This session was part of the MY CUDDLES MINI SESSIONS, (you can read about it and see the cute Blakely's session here). This cutie had the most adorable stuffed teddy bear that he calls Mr. Bear. Worn and cherished. One day when Mr. B is older, Mr. Bear will be a loving memory and the idea of these sessions to come back to years down the road, was one I hope is something they return to often. I feel lucky to photograph these memories and meet these amazing families.

Well, enough talk... I give you Bronson and Mr. Bear!


(Jen Dixon Photography) favorite childhood memory idaho falls child photographer idaho falls child photography idaho falls photographer jen dixon photography my cuddles sessions rigby child photographer Thu, 10 Aug 2017 06:31:35 GMT
Daycia: Class of 2018 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} What can I say about this girl? Well, for starters she is as sweet as they come! I am not kidding, this girl is kind, uplifting, encouraging, caring, friendly... the list could literally go on and on. Daycia is an amazing human being! Lucky for me, I had the honor of shooting her senior photos.

Daycia and her sister danced with my daughter for years, then she left us for her school dance team. We have missed her but she has had a blast and that is what is important. Her sister danced with us right up till graduation. This is our first year without her and we sure miss her too. We have been friends with Daycia's family for several years now. That is what us dance moms do, we bond!

When Daycia asked me to do her senior photos, I really felt like the lucky one. Not only did I get to hang out with her and her amazing personality, but she is also gorgeous! And was honestly up for anything. We had a blast!

Thanks for the fun time Daycia! Keep on smiling!

(Jen Dixon Photography) american girl class of 2018 country senior session idaho falls photographer idaho falls senior photographer jen dixon photography rigby senior photographer Fri, 04 Aug 2017 07:28:19 GMT
Cuddles {Idaho Falls | Rigby Child Photography} Well, It has been a minute since I have written a blog post. I meant to write about my break and my decision to make a comeback, but hours and hours trying to find the right words, left me... wordless. So short and sweet, I apparently needed a break as I tended to life, but I am back now and happy to be back at it.

I am glad that you are here, as I decided that the session I am going to offer is something that needed a tribute outside of the standard social media outlets. I wanted to share my "WHY" for these sessions. As I feel a photo should tell a story or capture a memory. As many of my clients know, I have a daughter, it's hard not to cause I am chattering on about her all the time. Just the one. A 14 year old, beautiful, smart and talented daughter that is my world. Now I think back 14 years and I am just amazed at how far photography has come since then. How many more ideas are out there now to document their growth and how I am always running across these ideas and think "Man, That would have been awesome when she was younger!" or "Oh I wish that we had an image like that of her. It would have been so cute!". It makes me feel like I am super old now and was raising a child way out of the times. lol! I am sure my mom was thinking the same things with us too.

The other night, I was helping my daughter make her bed and as I pushed all the pillows and such off her bed to put her nice clean comforter back on, I picked up Blankie. A poor little blanket that was given to us as a baby shower gift from my aunt 14 years ago. I flashed back to the time of "Poochie and Blankie" and how they were always with Kaebree, one in each hand. Poochie was a red silky pillow that my mom made when she was pregnant with me and gave it to my grandma, who put it in a zip lock bag for 20 years and handed it to my daughter one day. The pillow was small, maybe 6"x6" is all. Poochie went first, into a small rag, resembling something that got stuck in a blender and shredded. Yes, I still have Poochie, somewhere in one of my many still packed boxes from the move. Now Blankie.... Blankie is a very light cotton (thin) teddy bear blanket, that was perfect for the summer months ahead of us. If I had to call it then, I would think that pillow would have made it longer then this blanket. HA! She showed us, didn't she. Well, Blankie is still very much in our lives. Blankie has been left at a hotel, I don't recall exactly how we got it back, but we did. Another time being left in another state, YEP, we had to have it shipped back home. Getting lost behind her bed so many times I couldn't keep count and the panicked nights trying to find it... Later, "Kinley was added to the mix. A cute rabbit from Build a Bear that talked about shopping when you pressed her hand. Kinley has faired the best as of now, but she isn't quite as old. (I want to say she was 6-7 when she got Kinley.)

I am still working on her letting me capture her and Blankie now, 14 years later, but she is too "OLD" for that. Blankie is getting a little tattered and torn now, and as we think about maybe adding her to the keepsake box before she is in threads, like Poochie, I hear a shriek from my daughter as she tells me how Blankie is going to college with her. This is what I was able to get though.

This brings me back to documented memories I wish I had thought about sooner. I am sure I have snapshots with blankie in the image, laying in the background, rolled up in her blankets, but I wish I had a good solid photo to show her the relationship she had with these two prized possessions that gave her comfort and was always in her little hands.

So, I am going to do a "My Cuddle" mini session event. Bring your little one/s with their cuddle and let's have some fun and nab those moments to look back on. Sweet Blakely here was perfect to help me promote these sessions. Her monkey has been through it all with her. Holes stitched up and new ones created just as quickly. Mom was telling me about how all day of the shoot, Blakely prepped her Monkey, telling him to make sure he smiles for the pictures. It was a blast, and a great way to give these little prized possessions their spot in the photo albums as well. Message me to book your My Cuddle mini session. Sessions will be up to 30 minute sessions for children of all ages, includes 5 retouched digital images with print release. Session fee of 75.00 will be due at time of booking.

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There comes a time... Well, it is a dark day, with the clouds parting to a reveal new adventure.

After 6 years, I am giving up my photography business.

6 years ago, I set out on an adventure. It has been one of really great times and really low times in my life. It has helped me through struggles, stresses and has keep me busy, but with it came struggles, stress and well, I have been really busy. The busy could be seen as a great thing, and it was. Busy meant business was good. It also meant that any free time I have, has been dedicated to my business.

This last year has been one of many challenges. I sold my home in early April 2016 and moved into my parents home while we looked for a house that was right for us to come on the market. During the sale process, I was very busy with the house, coming and going for showings and trying to balance that with my business, as well as a new job that was much different then my prior one on my schedule. It was very shortly after that we decided to build, hence making a month or two stay, turn into most of the year.  

Living with my parents was great but tragedy hit home and I am glad that I was distracted, as it gave me time that I didn't realize I would never get again to spend with my dad. Time I thought was stressful but I look back and am grateful for. July 29th, I lost my dad to Sepsis brought on from a standard procedure where his bowels were nicked and in less the 36 hours from being admitted to the hospital, he was gone. Turning our world completely upside down.

It was at this time, I knew that photography was not my top priority. I wasn't ready to give it up though. So I trudged along. Half in it, half just being with my family and half being a mother to a busy girl.. yep, you caught that there was a little too many halves there right?! I kept shooting, but found that I just didn't have the time, nor the energy to edit. I am going to still be around though, as photography is still a passion. I am going to do some personal work, and work around my own schedule with some more artistic stuff. So you will have to watch for those from time to time.

I see that my family has taken a backseat to my business and after losing someone you love, you really think on the time you have with each and every one of your remaining and you kind of readjust your life. So, with a sad heart I say goodbye to my business. I have met the most amazing people, I have made the most awesome friends, and I have some great experiences to take from this adventure. Thank you for trusting me with your memories.

NOW- For all of you still waiting on photos and albums to get done. I have stopped taking new sessions and I do have a couple scheduled prior to this decision that I will still do, BUT, you are my main goal to get finished up. I will have everything done- EVERYTHING! by the end of November. I don't want to do anything in December but spend the holidays with my family.


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Baird Family {Idaho Falls & Rigby Family Photographer} This family right here, are one of my favorites! Their smiles are genuine, hearts are huge and they are just the cutest family. Oh, and they are fun! I was so glad to spend time with them this year for some updated family photos.


While we were at the family session, we had some fun with Mr. Derek here and his big special event as well! Turning 8 is a big deal! Congrats on the baptism!


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2016 Back to School Mini Sessions {Idaho Falls Child & Teen Photographer} By the end of the summer, how many of you parents are ready for school to be back in session?

I always think I am, until I remember how busy we are during the school year, then I long for summer vacation again. However, I sure do love the back to school sessions.

I do these sessions each year basically because I dislike the assembly line, school contracted photos (or should I say- PHOTO, singular) that my daughter brings home each year and we just can't bring ourselves to claim they are our favorites. This way, you can make sure they are smiling, that their hair and wardrobe are the way you intended to be and you get more then ONE.

I love seeing the kids grow at these sessions. Getting into an older crowd, I didn't get too crazy with a "school" theme. I started with my clients at a location in Idaho Falls and ended with my relatives being in Menan. I am totally using the Menan location for my clients next year though. It will totally be worth the 15 min drive. I promise!



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Katrina- Class of 2017 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Looks like I have some catching up to do, yet again! Let's be honest here folks, I am horrible at maintaining my blog!

I have to give a huge shout out to this gal right here. She is not a big fan of the bugs, and yet she was up for anything in the thick of bugs! I am hoping she wasn't sporting too many mosquito bites after we were done. Oops! Guess what though, I am a little better now with a bottle of bug spray in the camera bag! It is in there, right now, as we speak!

Katrina got to hang out with my awesome hair and make up artist, Matt Elliot, of Yoso Salon before heading out to my little private part of the world for her session. Her session in which she ROCKED! Beauty and Bronze folks, she is also a hockey player!

With further ado, I give you ....



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Super Hero Braxton {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} There is something about a return client that makes my job that much sweeter.

When you grow with a client, you form a friendship, a bond with them. Take Braxton here, I see photos of him all the time on Facebook, but to see him each year for his yearly photo session, he just changes so much from year to year. The best part is that while I just spent the last 3 years photographing the hardest ages to photograph, cause let's face it, 2-4 year olds are hard, his sessions have been pretty easy! He knows me, and that is the secret. Braxton is my friend. He is comfortable and he is natural. Hey, this time he even danced for me. He has to most adorable little personality and his imagination runs wild. 

Thank you Braxton for being AWESOME! Thanks Amy and Dan for another great session and for your loyalty. You are great parents and the sweetest people I know! I look forward to the next time. It will sneak up on us again like this year did too!



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Baby Bumb to Baby! Leon {Idaho Falls Maternity Photographer} I know, I know! One always seems to sneak through, but I just can't complain! Babies are so preciously sweet, who can resist. Marian and Juan are such amazing people and they have welcomed this sweet little guy into their family and they are just a perfect little family at that!

But we better slow down a little and first take you back to the bump!

This is what happens when you don't blog till after the baby is here and you are even done with those images! (Get it together Jen! Take care of your blog! Right?!)

Here is sweet Mom and Dad- expecting Leon!


And here is Sweet Leon! He was such a good boy during his session. Can you guess what team Dad roots for? Also, the cute little blanket and pillow in the night night pose was made by Grandma for him. So adorable! Thank you Marian and Juan for trusting me with your sweet Leon! Congrats to being new parents! It is the best thing in the world!

(Jen Dixon Photography) Baby Bump Green Bay Newborn Idaho Falls Downtown Studio Idaho Falls Maternity Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Sometimes Newborn Photographer Idaho Falls Studio Photography Jen Dixon Photography Mon, 13 Jun 2016 06:38:58 GMT
Alicia- Class of 2016 {Rigby/Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Oh Alicia, she was quite the champ! We scheduled her session and the first reschedule was my fault, but in the end, would have been necessary due to some horrible weather. The 2nd and 3rd time... that dang Idaho wind was just not going away! Even the day of the shoot, the day looked great, until 10 minutes- LITERALLY 10 MINUTES before she was set to arrive, after 20 minutes of travel to the location, and the wind picked up again. UGH!!! You know what though, even if we did have to wait in between shots for the wind to die down, we still won! Her session turned out awesome!

Not only is Alicia beautiful, she is a total sweetheart!

Congrats Alicia! Class of 2016



On a personal note, EEKK! So, the first 2 shots posted are on some family property, all the rest... are on my new property! It's just my little piece of heaven, but oh, there is so much my little corner has to offer my business as a location! It is just beautiful and FUN!

(Jen Dixon Photography) Class of 2016 Country Senior Session Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography River Senior Session Fri, 03 Jun 2016 07:46:07 GMT
Tristan- Class of 2016 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} Now here we have a handsome fella! A very adventurous one at that as well.

Tristan is headed to boot camp now that he has graduated. The National Guard to be exact! They are lucky to have such a great kid. Now, I love sessions that have a story to remember and Tristan didn't let this session be any different. I will spare him the embarrassment and not post the goofy pictures but let's just say we had some t-rex posing going on in the middle of the road! He had us laughing so hard!

Tristan wanted some pictures on his bike, so to the foothills we headed... as his mom and I both rode in pure fear over that fun little path to get to the good spot. Folks, vehicles are meant to stay horizontal... not vertical!!

We made it safely and then realized there was a much easier and shorter way out... This is what we get for following my husband. lol

I always have a blast getting the riding shots, even if we did end up a little dirty!

All your hard work paid off, Congrats Tristan!!!!

(Jen Dixon Photography) Class of 2016 Dirtbike Senior Pictures Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Senior Photographs Fri, 03 Jun 2016 07:31:46 GMT
Brianna- Class of 2016 {Idaho Falls Senior Photographer} This session was just F-U-N! I like to get into my work, and this session was no different.

I will always remember this session as the session my phone went swimming in the river! Yep, fell right out of my pocket and PLUNK! It didn't stop me from finishing the session with a smile on my face though! AND THE PHONE SURVIVED! (as well as 2 days later when it went swimming again... Really?!)

That isn't the really the story we are telling though.

Brianna is a true outdoorswoman!She loves all things fishing and being outdoors.

I really wanted to make her session as diverse as she is, so we geared up with one of my amazing hair and make up artists, Mandy, and strolled around the alleys in downtown Idaho Falls.

From there we bounced a little... right across the valley to the river in Ririe. Oh, it didn't end there though. We also hit Twin Bridges to finish up.


Brianna walked across her stage this week in her final act as a senior. Congrats on your graduation. You are going to go far in life!! I just know it!



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Kougar turns three {Idaho Falls Child Photography} This is my 2nd year with Kougar and he was just as much fun this time as last! Such a busy, energetic little ham he was too! I am sure he is keeping mom on her toes.

People ask what my favorite age to photograph is, and honestly, I can't pin point it, as it changes from session to session. Each kiddo is different and not only are they wonderful little individuals, they change as they grow with each year. Kougar here was a prince at his 2 year session, but his personality has blossomed even more and at 3, he was such a hoot.

I love being able to watch these sweet kids grow, see them change as the years come and go. I can't wait to see this handsome little guy for his 4 year old pictures!

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Mandy & Nic {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} Dear Best Friend, 

Please stay in my life forever because you're one the the best things to ever happen to me. 

Love, Me

Mandy and I have been friends for "a whole lotta years", something like 18. And what can I say about Nic, other then he is a turd. hee hee! I love them both to the end of the world and beyond.


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Happy 1 year Bieker twins! {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} What a fun year we have had with the Bieker twins. I have loved watching them grow over the year. Aren't they just the cutest?!


(Jen Dixon Photography) Bieker Twins First Birthday Falling Leaves Session Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Indoor Photography Studio Idaho Falls Photographer Idaho Falls Studio Jen Dixon Photography Twins Tue, 12 Jan 2016 09:08:05 GMT
Krew is ONE! This little guy has been so fun to watch grow over the last year!!

I have to tell ya, this little guy was not too fond of getting frosting on his face, but he sure did demolish that cake.

I loved this cute little Dr. Seuss themed cake smash. Mom has some good style and Grandma even made the cute tie and bottoms set to go with the set.





(Jen Dixon Photography) Cake Smash Session Dr Seuss Cake Smash Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography One Year Birthday Session Mon, 11 Jan 2016 23:39:44 GMT
A years worth of Mini Sessions {Idaho Falls Photographer} Each year I host a handful of mini sessions that are themed to a certain holiday or theme. This years line up with ROCK!

As one of my goals this year is better prepping and planning, I sat down and plotted out each of my mini sessions. Dates, styles, locations and even suggested wardrobes. I am going all out on these this year!

If you have any questions about any of the mini sessions I have listed here, please head over to the contact me tab and send me a message. I would love to give you more details. *Please see notes after the image for studio session and family friendly or children only sessions.

All resources can be used to create designs for personal or professional use, for yourself or your clients. Do not share, trade, redistribute or re-sell the templates - it is a violation of copyright.


Valentine's Day & Easter/Spring


Winter fun, Mom and Me, Dad and Me, Fourth of July, Into the Wild, Back to School, Summer Days


Halloween & Holiday



Valentine's Day, Easter/Spring, Back to School & Halloween


Winter Fun, Fourth of July, Into the Wild, Summer Days, Holiday


To Book your session or if you have any questions, please contact Jen Dixon Photography at 208-604-2071 or at and click the contact tab.  

All mini sessions are due in full at time of booking.





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Sparkle like you are covered in GLITTER {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} When you are having a bad day, put some glitter on it and it will all be better....

My main goal is to capture a memory, at every single session! I want to be able to invoke a memory when you come back to your photographs, years down the road. I am going to say this goal was achieved 100% with this fun little session. We will NEVER forget it! NEVER! I don't think our studio will let us forget it either.

So months ago I decided I wanted to do a studio shoot with glitter and a child. I had to have my partner in crime in on it too, and only fitting to use her daughter. She is adorable and a natural little model. Well, she would kind of have to be, her mom takes photos for a living as well! We were just so busy with the fall season that our little glitter shoot was on the back burner for a bit.

We finally pinned down a day and made it happen though. We were going to use an ENTIRE bottle of glitter on a 6 year old AND keep it contained! Here was the kicker, Jolie had also brought her youngest in to do her 3 year pictures prior to me getting to the studio for our glitter fun. You read that right, 3 YEAR OLD, GLITTER....

You think you know where this is going, don't you?

NOPE! You are wrong!

Little P (3 years old) was so good and you could tell she wanted to dive in to that glitter but she refrained.. She went to the other side of the studio and played quietly. We finish up the shoot and then Miss P was too quiet. So, Jolie walks over to check on her and while she does that, I start cleaning up. Only problem was, I started in the wrong place. Miss Ashlyn should have been the first thing to clean, but I figured I would let Jolie handle that part and I would clean up the glitter before it was no longer contained.


Ashlyn got sidetracked and took off across the studio to the gallery room, leaving a heavy trail of glitter along the way. Then from there, our 1000 sq foot studio was sparkling ever so prettily.

PEOPLE... glitter is the nightmare of all craft supplies! Created by Satan himself. It lures you in with it's sparkles and then you can NEVER get rid of it!

When faced with the decision to laugh or cry, I chose to laugh. The session was perfect. Ashlyn will forever talk about the time she got to literally lay in a pile of glitter. She is still pleased with her blue sparkly hair (Jolie said was still sporting glitter the next day, after a bath). She will talk to her mom many times about the session. "Mom, remember when we did the pictures with the glitter! That was so fun!" They have this moment to share for their lifetime. That is why the glitter war we will be facing, for what I am sure to be years to come, was worth it.

I mean, look, glitter angels!


(Jen Dixon Photography) Glitter Photo Session Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography The Sparkly Studio Fri, 08 Jan 2016 07:29:38 GMT
McRea Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} When you are expecting the weather to be against you and it isn't! This session was just outright awesome. Mother Nature-0 Us-1. 

I loved how laid back and fun this session was. Malinda and George have such a wonderful family! 

I am so happy to live in Idaho, where beautiful locations are just a mere 15 minute drive away. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Fall Family Photos Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography The great outdoors Thu, 31 Dec 2015 10:13:15 GMT
Averett Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} I just love Fall. The colors in the leaves, the weather at the right temperature. 

I am not the only person who likes fall. It is the busiest time of the year and for good reason. 

I had a great time with the Averett Family! We enjoyed some time at the park, the kids enjoyed watching the ducks and I got some great smiles out of EVERYONE. (Even Dad, who Mom warned me was not a big smiler, but he proved her wrong. Those silly husbands!)

(Jen Dixon Photography) Fall Family Photos Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Thu, 31 Dec 2015 10:12:22 GMT
Burgess Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} Does anyone recognize this wonderful couple from the "Puppet Master" shoot a few years back? They are such a hoot to hang out with! 

Jen and Tyrel have a wonderful family, a home full of laughter and love and I was so lucky to capture it. They keep her on her toes, with 2 sets of twins mixed in her bunch. 

Thanks for spending the time with me Jen! You guys are lucky to have each other. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Burgess Family Family of 8 Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Thu, 31 Dec 2015 10:11:16 GMT
Szabo Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} Amanda, Mike and Baby D are one of my favorite families! I just ADORE them ! 

Amanda decided she wanted Green photos, in fall! Lol, this really wasn't as horrible as it sounds, I promise. I knew of a fun place that she also loved from another photo and guess what... it was slow at changing colors and was still a vibrant green! (If it hadn't been easy, we would have waited for next summer, so this was not a crazy request or a stretch for me.) 

So, out came the sofa, the sister assistant (since they are best friends) and SUCCESS! Perfection! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Summer in Fall Session Thu, 31 Dec 2015 10:10:00 GMT
Dabbelt Family and Baby Bump {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} This is year 4 that I have been graced with this beautiful families photos and like I say, I love making more then just connections with clients, I LOVE making friends! 

The last 2 years, we were later on the game and those sessions were in studio, still cute but it was time to get an outdoor session this year. Cindy and Hugo bought a cute house in the country and her yard was perfect! 

While we were at it, we had to get a few images of the uber cute baby bump too since this is Mama's last baby. She glows folks. I can't wait to meet Baby S! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Maternity Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography On Location Family Photography Tue, 29 Dec 2015 02:37:00 GMT
Lopez Baby Bump {Idaho Falls Maternity Photography} Well Hello there Heather! Fine time I got your session on the blog huh!? 

Heather and her family are awesome! Like seriously, words cannot describe how amazing the entire family is! 

This is Heather's 5th child and since I am a little behind on blogging my sessions right now, they have since relocated her from belly to loving arms and life at home. 

She is ADORABLE!!! 

We did do this session in 2 different days. We were getting kind of close and wanted to make sure we at least had Momma and the bump before Baby P came and took care of that, just in case she came before Daddy's schedule allowed for his staring role in the pictures too, but it all worked out just fine. Little E was great at both sessions too, such a fun little personality!! 

Thank you Heather and Rudy for spending the time with me and allowing me to capture this time for you. 




(Jen Dixon Photography) Beautiful Belly Big Brother Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Maternity with sibling Ready to Pop idaho Falls Maternity Photographer Sun, 20 Dec 2015 09:07:32 GMT
Brianna's Bump {Idaho Falls Maternity Photographer} Oh I am kicking myself right now. I have well over 20 sessions to blog and my memory is slipping a little. You know what though, as I look through images to add to the blog, the moments are coming back. And there it is... the captured memories I aim to catch at my shoots. To invoke the memories that are captured in the photos. Still, I have an awful lot of work to catch up on.  

Let's go back a couple few months, when sweet Brianna and Justin came home to visit the family and get her maternity pictures done while she was at it. Brianna and Justin are both active military members and stationed in the east.  NOW- I am playing  catch up and Baby R was welcomed into the family, a healthy, beautiful baby girl who has stolen the entire families hearts, even if we haven't met her yet! I know we are all waiting for their next visit home! 

This session was done on the families private property in the foothills, here "near" town. My sister,  Kristie (who is actually Brianna's sister-in-law) made the 2 gowns that we used in this session and have since been added to my collection of maternity gowns. Love that crafty sister of ours. 

My sister was the one who also found this awesome vintage-ish American flag, with the idea that we had to use it somehow for this session. I think it worked out perfect, but I will let you be the judge of that as you see some of my favorites from her session. 

Congrats Brianna and Justin ! I have yet to meet Baby R, but I can hardly wait. I have heard so much about her! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) American Flag Maternity Session Baby Bump Photographs Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Maternity Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography On Location Maternity Session Sun, 20 Dec 2015 08:35:57 GMT
Some time with Santa {Idaho Falls Child Photographer- Christmas Mini Sessions} Those who don't believe in MAGIC will never find it. 

I used to think that being a kid on Christmas was the best thing ever, but it turns out, having kids on Christmas is! 

We had some magic happening in the studio this month, the holly jolly man himself, Santa!


Mason, Ava and Max all got to hang out with Santa for a bit and can I just say AWWWW! They were so cute! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Christmas Mini Sessions Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Santa Claus Santa Sessions Sat, 19 Dec 2015 07:34:33 GMT
Here comes Halloween, Here comes Halloween... | Idaho Falls Child Photography Oh my goodness! Look at these ADORABLE kiddos!!! 

Each year, I put the idea of Halloween mini sessions on the table and with enough interest, I will do a Halloween mini session event. Normally, I don't get a ton of interest in Halloween minis. That is okay!! This year though, I had enough interest to go ahead and do them. 

I am so glad I did! They rocked!  ‚Äč

(Jen Dixon Photography) Costumes Optional Halloween Mini Photography Sessions Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Little Trick or Treaters PG Spooky Tue, 20 Oct 2015 00:14:00 GMT
Back to School 2015 | Idaho Falls Child Photography Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to school they go! 

Okay, like almost 2 months ago, but it has been a busy season. I have not had any time to blog my sessions! AH! So, here are most of my Back to School sessions from this year. I am missing my sister-in-law, niece and my own child in this set, but they are coming! 


First up, Zach! Zach was a ham with the cutest dang smile and those eyes! I am sure his preschool teacher is just loving his energy this year. 

Next we have some of my favorite people right here! My sweet cousins Bailey and Rylan. Rocking 6th and 11th grade! Oh they are growing up way to fast! Seriously! TOO FAST! 

Then there are these two! Yeah, try to guess their ages?! Both of them are so stinking good looking, and I promise, they are both younger then you are thinking! ;) Kenna and Kagen, 9th and 6th grade! 

Next we have these amazing young ladies! Seriously, the sweetest things you have ever met! Taya and Ashlyn 9th and 4th grade.

And finally, these two right here! Kash and Kaidance, Cute as can be! 1st grade and 4th grade. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Back to School Photo Session Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Mon, 19 Oct 2015 20:20:04 GMT
October for a Photographer [October to a photographer is like April to an accountant.]

 Take advantage of the beautiful fall colors, mellow weather and make sure you have your photos for the holidays. 

Below, you can see what dates I have available for your sessions. 

I will update as I fill up dates. 

Don't miss out, book your session soon to make sure you get the fall colors. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Fall Family Photos Fall Schedule Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Photographer Jen Dixon Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Sat, 03 Oct 2015 23:14:28 GMT
Lydia {Class of 2016} | Idaho Falls Senior Photographer "Go confidently, in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined" Thoreau 

Senior year, one of the most exciting, yet stressful, times of your life. Either way, it is unforgettable. 

Lydia here is gorgeous! She is also a natural at posing, working the camera to her advantage and having fun! She was comfortable and confident and she hardly made me work. Shortly after our session, she was headed to LA for some modeling opportunities! So send her some good vibes as she embarks on her journey! 

Lydia's session is a platinum session with hair and make up which started with my amazing hair and make up artist, Matt Elliot, owner of Yoso Salon in Idaho Falls. Once there, he pampered her, using some awesome products on her hair to nourish and some amazing cosmetics that you will for sure want for your own make up bag after you are done. Matt is also involved in the photography world so he understands the importance of photography application and what will pop. He is extremely talented in his field and knows what he is doing for any look we are after. He is also always open to the public and you can find him at

While we were there, Matt lent us a very beautiful necklace and ring, that matched the look and style of the shoot perfectly, that he has for sale at the salon by one of his good friends, Rhonda Johnson with Manic Muze Studio out of Blackfoot, ID. I will post the link to her Facebook page below the image of the necklace and ring and I highly suggest you sneak over to her page and check out her jewelry. 

I had my mother in law, who happens to be an amazing florist, whip me up the flower crown for this shoot as well. 

All in all, I love the look, I love the location and I just adore this little lady and think this gal is going to achieve all her dreams in life. 

And with further ado, I give you Lydia, Class of 2016. 

Above is the ring and necklace I mentioned. You can find her work at

For more information on my senior sessions, please visit (For Platinum information and too see some behind the scenes shots from this shoot)



(Jen Dixon Photography) Boho styled Senior Session Class of 2016 Earthy Tones Photo Shoot Head Shots Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Manic Muze Studios Model for Hire Senior Portraits Yoso Salon Tue, 11 Aug 2015 06:59:47 GMT
Makiah | Idaho Falls Child Photographer Makiah came out and hung out with me for a "for the fun of it" session. We tried out a new location and found a fun little creek hidden behind the tree line. After a quick suggestion, a little begging and bribing and then me falling into the creek to show her it wasn't deep, we got her in for a quick shot in the creek tunnel. She loved it! 

Then, we wanted to go back a few weeks later, and access denied. I can image for safety reasons since it is right next to a school and a park. I am glad we got what we did. I am a little bummed though, I had a fun idea. 

Now, time to get Mom on the schedule for family pictures! Beat the snow this time, maybe... 



(Jen Dixon Photography) Children Creek Tunnel Dandelions Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Tue, 11 Aug 2015 02:26:44 GMT
Braxton is 3 | Idaho Falls Child Photographer Oh my! Where has the time gone? I feel like I was taking Braxton's 2 year old pictures a mere few months ago. 

This little guy just grows leaps and bounds and his personality is top notch adorable. We did have to move Braxton's session up a little in the day due to forecasted rain (story of my life anymore), but the weather was perfect the entire shoot. 

Our entire session we were on the hunt for "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys". It was fun. We never found the bad guys and as for the good guys, I kept telling him that we were the good guys. He still kept an eye out for other good guys though. 

Each session is unique with Braxton, and the technique used to get him to smile that heart stealing smile. Last year it was having him "stand up, then sit down, stand up, now sit down". He thought that was pretty funny. This year it was a simple, "Where did Braxton go?" and he would turn away and then peek back and flash us his amazing smile. 

When it came down to culling the session and editing, well... maybe we were a little too successful! I had to do something I don't do very often at all. Load the images and let Mom pick which ones she wanted edited. I had only culled down to 80 images, and I normally only edit about 10 more then the session includes. Mom picked good though. I love all the ones she chose!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Braxton.

Thank you Amy and Dan for allowing me to catch these years and watch him grow.  

I look forward to his 4 year shoot! 



(Jen Dixon Photography) 3 year shoot Children Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Little Poser Outdoor session Tue, 11 Aug 2015 01:10:39 GMT
The Ferguson Family Mini Session | Idaho Falls Family Photography One of my favorite families right here. 

We didn't do a lot of individuals of the kids this time because I will be getting both Kaydence and Kash at their back to school shoots and little Krew will be in shortly after for his 1st birthday shoot and cake smash.

They all get so big so fast! Cute as heck too! 

Darby always does the cutest outfits and color schemes. I just love it! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Coral and Blue Falls Families are Forever Family Family of 5 Idaho Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Photography" Tue, 11 Aug 2015 01:10:14 GMT
Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Schoene | Idaho Falls Couples Photographer Two years ago today, I was there to witness, and photograph, these two lovebirds be united as one. While the time has seemed to fly by, these two are as much in love, if not more, then the day they said their I do's. Let's not forget their sweet fur baby, Miley! Making this one cute Schoene family! 

Savannah and Jake have a crazy schedule and we had 2 days this week that they were both off the same time, so when we saw the rain clouds coming we had to think quick, moving their session up 2 hours. All was good, we would just need to work quickly to beat the rain. HA HA! A stubborn gate lock proved to be put a kink in the plan. I was shooting on some extended families private property and the key we have for the lock likes to sometimes not work.  After messing with the gate for a bit we finally went with plan B and winged it. 

I am so glad we did. The storm stayed out of the way long enough for us to explore and get some awesome shots at some pretty awesome little spots that I have never really been to. Ending the day with SUCCESS and shortly after finishing, a nice little rain storm came through. 

Congrats you two, two years and many more to come. Thank you for allowing me to capture the love you have for each other. Can't wait to help you celebrate the next one!


(Jen Dixon Photography) 2 Year Anniversary Shoot Adorable Couple Beautiful Country Shoot Couples & Engagement Photographer Cowgirl Meets City Boy Fur Children Idaho Falls Couples Photographer Idaho Falls Engagement Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Mon, 10 Aug 2015 17:39:53 GMT
Charlee- Class of 2016 [Idaho Falls Senior Photography] This girl is the perfect balance of girl and kick butt! She has style, looks and can drag a cow around a show ring with ease in a 4H show. Did I mention she also works on her own vehicles?! Let's not mention how sweet she is to everyone around her! (Okay, I had to mention it!) Yep, she is pretty incredible! 

I could go on and on about how great this gal is, but we are hear to see her stunningly beautiful senior photos! Right!? We had a blast hitting up some of my favorite spots and we survived the heat, barely! Folks, it was HOT! She rocked it though, you would never be able to tell she was melting a little. (While the rest of us were melting a lot!) 

Big Thanks to my awesome make up artist, Mandy Good. Great job like always!

HUGE thanks to the Bieker family for the continued trust in letting me catch all these awesome family moments in the kids lives, as well as grabbing those family photos, when everyone is all together! ;) You have the greatest family, I can't say that enough. 


Here is to a great Senior Year Charlee! You have it in the bag! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Class of 2016 Country Girl Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Senior Portraits Mon, 20 Jul 2015 19:00:00 GMT
Krew's 6 Month Session {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} I LOVE 6 month sessions!

They are my favorite when it comes to little ones. They don't crawl quite yet and they love their toes! You can make them SMILE for the most part (a fun thing to expect that we don't normally get at the newborn sessions.) 

Krew here is downright adorable. He gave us a run for our money at 3 months, but 6 months, Mom was worried about nothing. He was all grins and we were in heaven! 

Krew's dad is a rugged outdoorsman, so it was only fitting that we get some outdoorsy shots with him. I really had fun playing with these ones. We did get a few shots WITH his beautiful mom too. I have to say,

I am getting really excited for his year old shoot. Mom has some awesome themes in mind and they are going to be so FUN! Oh 6 more months seems so far away! 



(Jen Dixon Photography) 6 Month Session All Boy Shoot Children Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Moose Horns Tue, 14 Jul 2015 06:19:26 GMT
Mason is 3! {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} Three? Seriously, I swear it was like a few weeks ago, he was in for his 2 year old session. 

This kiddo has grown so fast in the last year! No joke! 

I have to say, I was so impressed with Mason during his shoot. He took amazing direction, was polite, and has the a heart melting smile. I giggle when I look at Mason's pictures as I hear him and his "OK" after I would tell him where to stand or how to pose. 

I am excited to see Mason at 4, I don't think it is possible but I bet he gets even cuter. He is going to be a heartthrob! 

Little missy's keep watch, Momma is raising a great catch right here! ;) 


(Jen Dixon Photography) #1 Broncos Fan Children Go Broncos Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Little Cowboy TMNT Turtle Power Sat, 20 Jun 2015 16:48:34 GMT
Calvin- Newborn {Idaho Falls Ex-Newborn Photographer} There is that EX- Newborn Photographer again. I am still playing catch up though, so sweet Calvin's session is next on the blog. 

I always feel deeply invested when I work with expecting parents and then carry on into the children. I think about them each day after I have met them and pray for safe and healthy deliveries for both baby and mom. They are literally on my mind each day as I wait (probably not near as anxiously as mom and dad) for baby to come, but I sure feel like it were my own family having a baby. I know, I am weird! 

Calvin has some pretty special parents! Erin and Brady are pretty fun people and I hope this newborn session is not the last I see of them! 

Time to get to the fun stuff, I present to you, Sweet Baby Calvin's Newborn session! 

SWOON!  I just love his chunky little cheeks! He is just soooo precious! 

Just a reminder, I have a great referral for a great newborn photographer her in Idaho Falls. She is the photographer that has images lining the mountain view halls. Jolie West Photography and you can find her on Facebook. ;) 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Chunky Cheeks Ex-newborn Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Newborn Photography Sweet baby Calvin Sat, 20 Jun 2015 07:08:42 GMT
Kenna Rae {Newborn Photography} Yes, I realize after my last blog post that this may throw some people off. I did say I was finishing up with a few more sessions though. ;) 

This is sweet little Kenna.

Kenna's cousin had a newborn session with me as well not quite a year ago so Aunt Nikki and Uncle Darren's gift to Kenna was a newborn session. Also, Kenna's dad and my husband were really good friends growing up. It was a small world kind of moment. 

 As with 95% of my sessions, she was an angel. Slept the entire session. Even while her big brother was loving on her. 

Can you believe this little thing was 9 lbs when she was born. Mom is a super hero in my book! Thanks Lacey and Nathan for bringing her in to see me! Congratulations on the perfect little new addition. 

These cuties do make it a little hard to give up. While I may not photograph newborns anymore, I still take them at sitting age... (Normally about 6-7 months). Another shout out to the Kris-meister, who rocks and makes me cute little crate skirts the day before the session.

(Jen Dixon Photography) Adorable Child Ex Falls Idaho Newborn Photographer little people Thu, 21 May 2015 00:33:08 GMT
A Final Decision and a Game Changer {Idaho Falls NON Newborn Photographer} You know, I have written and re-written this post about 8 times now. I just don't even know how to put into words what I need to say. 

So, be patient as I ramble my way through this. 

This has been a back and forth decision for me. I am going to go ahead and pick a side of the fence for good this time. 

Here goes.... I am no longer going to photograph newborns or children under sitting age (normally 6 months and under).

It isn't that I can't. I mean, I have some amazing photos of some adorable newborns. Look at them, aren't they just sooo cute!!!! 

My journey in photography began 4 years ago and has led me today. I have had 4 wonderful years working with old and new clients. My only regret just a short time ago was that I wanted to be able to offer my clients services for all areas of their lives and photography needs.

Then I had a very faithful loyal client come to me, knowing that I didn't offer newborn sessions but occasionally shot them and said, we want you! At the time I had been assisting a very talented photographer on her sessions. This really led to a lot of "mentoring" sessions really and while assisting I was learning. 

This wonderful photographer has the confidence in me to make newborns successful in my business and encouraged me to go ahead and offer the sessions. I made her assist on mine though! Kind of crazy, the amazing newborn photographer just assisting on my sessions. While I have some awesome images images and very successful newborn sessions, I just felt like I never really could throw myself into the newborn world. It never felt right! I have some theories but I cannot put a finger right on what feels off to me. 

I will still photograph newborns and babies in family sittings though! 

Then, I really started thinking about where I wanted to really grow. Avoid stretching myself so thin. I want to be amazing in areas that really interest me. Regretfully, it wasn't newborn photography, and that is okay. There are plenty of great newborn photographers in town, I would rather leave  you in their capable hands. 

So, I leave the newborn market with a huge THANK YOU for the experience. Thank you to the parents that gave me the options to catch these moments, that can never be replaced. Thank you for trusting me with these amazing little lives even if just for a couple hours. 

And I want to leave you with an awesome referral! This wonderful mentor of mine, the baby whisperer, and the newborn PRO, Jolie West of Jolie West Photography. Have you walked down the halls of Labor and Delivery in Mountain View Hospital recently? If so, those canvases lining the walls, they are hers! If not, I have attached a few of her recent images (with her permission) below! 

So, if you are looking into a photographer for your newborn photography session and you have ended up here, let me leave you with a quick link to Jolie's pages. Tell her I sent ya! or you can find her on facebook at

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Family Photographer Idaho Falls Newborn Photographer Referral Jen Dixon Photography Newborn Photography The Change Sat, 16 May 2015 07:23:01 GMT
Ready for Baby- Erin & Brad {Idaho Falls Maternity Photography}

Now look at this bump! Isn't it cute?! Erin and Brad are expecting a little boy in just a few short weeks and aside from them being ready to love on their little guy, I am super excited too!

I can't wait to get cute little Calvin in the studio! 

The day was kind of icky but Dad was getting ready to go back to work and it worked out just fine. 

Here is wishing Erin a safe delivery! She is in my thoughts each day as we get closer to her due date. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Baby Bump Erin and Brad Maternity Session Idaho Falls Maternity Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Maternity Wed, 15 Apr 2015 02:23:25 GMT
My buddy Nic! {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} What can I say, I am a sucker for this red headed demon of a child. Well, I am a sucker for that smile and his quick wit, but as far as him being a demon child, who am I kidding? Nic is a one of a kind sweetheart. I could be biased too since Nic and my daughter were born 6 weeks apart to the bestest of friend moms. We are way behind here with Nic's pictures as these are his "Back to School" photos, but we will just ham it up to 11 year pictures. Schedules can be fun to work around, and the winter months just weren't sounding fun to do them. BUT, we got them done. 2 1/2 months before he turns 12! 

I have known this stud his entire life, which started a short 6 weeks after my daughters. This just shows they grow up tooooo fast. He now is almost as tall as me and getting ready to shave. ;)

I am super excited as Nic is finally excited about being one of my models in my crazy scheme to shoot more creatively for myself. So watch for him coming up here in the next few months!

(Jen Dixon Photography) 11 years old Back to School Children Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Mon, 06 Apr 2015 07:11:11 GMT
Kougar is turning 2! {Idaho Falls Child Photographer}  Someone is turning 2 this month!  Kougar is a hoot, such a busy little boy! He is going to be a heart-breaker with all the girls when he is older! 

This session was super hard to narrow down. I mean, look at that cute smile! 

Thanks Jessica for letting me capture this next chapter for you! It is amazing how fast these little people grow. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) 2 Year Old Photography Children Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Wed, 18 Feb 2015 07:00:00 GMT
{Welcome to the Masquerade} Miss Kenna Welcome to the Masquerade was a simple request from my daughter to do a session with a masquerade mask and from there, a story was formed and our masquerade photo series will be unfolding over the next handful of months with a handful of amazing models. 

Kenna is an amazing young lady. Smart, outgoing and beautiful. It was really fun doing her shoot and playing in the fog. Set to a hazy feel to the session and images. I have the best team on this project and can't wait to shoot the 2nd session in this series! Huge shout out to the natural in front of the camera here, Kenna. My amazing friend and hair and make up artist, Mandy Good, I really can't say enough how she nails each and every project head on. Truly amazing talent! Let's not leave out the co-conspirator and fellow photographer on this series, Jolie West of Jolie West Photography.  


Without further ado, Miss Kenna!




(Jen Dixon Photography) Hazy Photos Head Shots Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Masquerade Platinum Senior Fri, 06 Feb 2015 07:57:49 GMT
Dabbelt Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} Can I just tell you, I love clients that come see me each and every year? I get to see kids grow, I see the family grow and I see some genuine smiles from kids that KNOW ME. I learn quirks, like this little lady, that doesn't smile with her teeth, but look at that beautiful smile anyways. These are the people that become not only a client but my FRIENDS! These are the people that we feel comfortable with. 

So, this session was a little late in the game and while we hoped for some mild weather to do an outside shoot. Weather-1 Us-0. Luckily we have done studio with this family before as well, understanding that the little guy can't really hang out in the subzero temperatures. (Last year he was a newborn.) This year, I have Cindy and Hugo's family on my reminder list to message her earlier in the year for family pictures outside. Let's face it, we are all busy and before you know it, Christmas card season is calling and you are like OH TINSEL! We need pictures!


Either way, I am glad to have these guys in front of my lens any time of the year, inside or outdoors. I have been blessed to have these guys come see me. Three years means that Cindy first came to me when I was just starting! Thank you for having faith in me and growing with me as I get to grow with your little family here!

Now, this session was really actually pretty fun. I learned that at this stage in the little guys life, bunnies FLY! Yep, they fly and fly and fly. Never giving up. Bunny keeps to it. I learned that the sweet little girl here is a natural at posing and I plan to use her sometime this year in a themed shoot. Her brother, I LOVE how that smile reaches all the way to his eyes, his silly personality and how he just likes to be genuinely happy! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Children Family Studio Photographs Idaho Falls Family Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Sat, 31 Jan 2015 21:00:15 GMT
Lisa & Colton {Idaho Falls Engagement Photographer} Lisa and Colton were destined to be together! They just were. These two are literally the sweetest couple you will ever meet! Now, again, I am a little behind, as these two were actually MARRIED a few weeks ago. Like I said, catching up here. 

So, Lisa was finishing school at BYU and Colton was here in Idaho Falls (missing each other every single day!) So, we pick a weekend for Lisa to come home to do their session in time for the upcoming wedding. Friday night rolls in and she is home. The sky is blacker then black with a crazy rain storm brewing and the forecast is rain for the entire weekend. So what do we do, we plan accordingly and Lisa picks up a clear umbrella for the shoot. Let's have fun! Yes, we did have rain, with the sky finally clearing up when we are finishing up! That is how it works right?! No worries. We had fun! 

So, I give you some of Lisa and Colton's engagement pictures, while I go ahead and work on their wedding images as well. Welcome to the family Colton, Kaebree couldn't be any happier to finally be able to call you her uncle! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Happily Ever After Idaho Falls Engagement Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Love Birds Sat, 31 Jan 2015 08:43:31 GMT
Happy 1st Birthday Lakoda {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} Ready for my adventure?  

Mom brought Lakoda in for some tractor pictures for his first birthday

Having my adorable John Deere themed tractor my sister built,

our theme was set. Mom got the most adorable cake and brings it in and sets it

on a little stand by the window. 

Setting up and the studio is very warm, so I open the window.

Well somewhere along the way, we get a very slight breeze. Breeze moves the 

blinds, which bumps the wicker deer we have in the window, knocking it right

over on to the cake! 


Minimal damage, I can fix that in editing. Just scuffed a letter.

Deep Breath! We got this! Cake is going to be smashed here shortly anyways. Right?!

You can barely notice! 

So, we jump into our clean part of the session, and that all goes great. He is just

a ham and he LOVES this tractor. He loves this tractor enough that when

we take the tractor away from the set, he can't take his eyes off the tractor.

Trying to sneak out of the set to make his way back to that tractor.


"Um, cake? I don't want no stinking cake! I want the tractor!"

So after dragging him away from the tractor or calling him out

on thinking about going to the tractor, he finally gets to the cake. 

I turn my back for a second and Mom starts laughing.. He sees my back is turned and looks back over at

the tractor. She says you could see it his his eyes,

"She is not looking, quick! Make a break for the tractor! Oh crap, she is coming back. Abandon attempt!" 

I have to say, I love this family and this newest addition is just to dang cute!

Always so smiley and happy too! I like it when they like me. :) 

My favorite part of my sessions is when we have a story.

A memory that takes us back to that day and in this case, how smart and sneaky Lakoda is at 1 years old.

Good luck Mom!!! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) 1 year old photos Cake Smash Children Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography John Deere Birthday Sat, 31 Jan 2015 08:20:41 GMT
Happy Birthday Hunter {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} So we got to spend some time with Hunter again and I have to say, the time flies by and they grow way too fast!

ONE year old already?

It was like a few months ago that we were getting 6 months photos of him.. 

His mama brought in the cutest banner and his adorable little western wear and I borrowed this adorable rocking horse from our good friend Amanda, (Thanks Amanda, it really was perfect for the shoot!). 

Hunter loved having his GeeGee help at the shoot. Smiles galore! Thanks Crystal & Glenda for coming it! It really was fun and I look forward to watching this little guy grow! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) 1 year old photos Children Cowboy Shoot Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Sat, 31 Jan 2015 00:29:38 GMT
Alicia, Jeff, Mckenzy & Maddy {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} Fall is such a busy time of the year for photographers. Beautiful colors, getting picture for the Christmas cards, and beating the snow. 

I have to say, adorable family and beautiful girls right here! We had some fun even if we did have to relocate twice due to overcrowding at some prime locations. 



(Jen Dixon Photography) Fall Family Pictures Idaho Falls Family Photography Jen Dixon Photography Fri, 30 Jan 2015 23:22:39 GMT
~Winter Wonderland~ Heather, Rudy & the Kids {Idaho Falls Family Photographer} I had just spent a great weekend in beautiful Island Park and just loved the way the trees looked as the snow clung to them and thought, "Man, wouldn't it be fun to do a family session in the woods up here?" when Heather messaged me for winter family pictures. I kind of joked about it with her and before we knew it, we had a plan. So, the day we planned to drive the hour trip one way to our location, our humble little town was looking a bit frightful. We had snow and wind and no sure way to know what the weather would be like in Island Park. Weather reports showed us to be in the clear a little so we trudged on. 

IT WAS PERFECT. Not too cold, which was nice for our little ones. 

So, I get to the location I want to shoot at, jump out of the truck, step in the snow and SINK all the way up to my thighs in the snow. My hubby, who came with me, was such a gem and packed down a little trail to where everyone would stand for the shot. He is a keeper folks! 

It is always fun shooting with this family! I am glad they have come into my life. 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Family Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Winter Wonderland Fri, 30 Jan 2015 21:53:39 GMT
Ty is 6 months old {Idaho Falls Child Photographer} Yep, slacking again. Time to play some massive catch. I may be working a little backwards here till I get caught up, but we will get them up. 

First up is a session I just finished up today. This little handsome devils' mom and I go back a little over 11 years now. We worked in the same office and became great friends. I got to meet Ty here at 2 weeks old for his newborn session and instantly fell in love with the adorable little guy with his FULL head of red hair! We did his newborn session on their property, which is amazing. Nikki and Daren have let me do many a shoots at their place since the newborn session and as a way to repay them for letting me and my clients traipse all over their yard, I finally convinced Nikki that I needed to do a watch me grow for him. (I am sure there will be some times this year that I will be out at their place some more.) 

Fast forward to now, 6 months old and he just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!! He was so happy for his session too! Tell me he doesn't  just make you smile! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) 6 Months Old Children Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography John Deere Tractor Photo Session Fri, 30 Jan 2015 20:49:50 GMT
Austin & Taylor {Idaho Falls Engagement Photographer} Taylor is one prepared gal! Austin proposed and she was in contact with me just a few days later. Taylor wanted fall engagement photos, and with a winter wedding and fall coming to an end, she knew that our window was closing soon for those fall colors. We were able to schedule the session for the upcoming weekend, and as I was approaching the area that we were doing their shoot, there was some praying going on. "Please tell me there are colors still, please be some color somewhere!"  From the outside of the wooded area we were going to shoot in, all you saw were brown, icky and BARE trees. Yet, not even a mile back down the the road, beautiful gold and reds (so I knew I was going to be okay even if we had to adjust). 


Oh there were some very pretty colors! The session was a dream. I had my very good looking couple, the weather was mildly windy, it was still warm, it was going to be great! 


I loved to hear that Taylor and Austin BOTH ride dirt bikes. Even a little competitive in their brands and riding! We had a blast during the session. I loved meeting these two and wish them the best wishes as they join hands and hearts in marriage this winter. Congrats to you Taylor and Austin! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this wonderful moment in your lives! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Dirt bike Engagement Photos Engagement Session Idaho Falls Engagement Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Mon, 17 Nov 2014 21:00:00 GMT
Boys {Idaho Falls Child "Themed" Photography} I grew up in a house full of girls. Until I was married, it was my mom, my sister and me. Even before I was thinking of having a family, I knew I would have daughters, and while I am missing the plural  to that part, I still have a daughter and she is our only child. My sister, well, she has a daughter and it is her only child. We have a thing for girls. 

Look at how much fun boys are though! Shirtless, not afraid to get dirty and love scaly critters or in this case, the shelled kind. Jaxon and Easton were so much fun to do this shoot with. Now, the turtle, she just wanted to get away. That is how those things go with kids right?! ;) 

I have to make a confession though. All girls mentioned above LOVE critters, don't have any problems getting dirty, but just can't pull of going shirtless! ;)

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Child Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Tue, 04 Nov 2014 00:45:00 GMT
Szabo Family Yep, it has been a while. I have to admit, with Facebook sneak peeks and being able to share on Facebook, my poor blog gets it's fair share of neglect. That is one of my big goals! BE CURRENT WITH MY BLOG! Now with that being said, I am going to kick off to some current sessions, but I will come back and post some of my past ones, by all means though, I don't know that I will get to all of them. I am aiming for a good 1/3 of them though. 


Let's kick it off with this sweet family. Mike and  Amanda are one of the most awesome couples I know. I am not saying this to kiss up either, they really are. Doesn't hurt that they are pretty much family though. See, Manda and my little sister are BEST friends, pretty much sisters. So by default, she is pretty much my little sister too. ;) Really though, I love Amanda like she was family. 


Baby D, she is one lucky little girl to have such amazing parents. I just love how happy she always is.  

I have to giggle at this shot. It is really one of  my favorites. Momma was shooting for a kiss from Baby D and Baby D just wasn't having it. This was the shot of her pushing Momma away. The best part is that cute little scrunch to her nose. If you look close, Mom has a small one in this shot too. NO denying she had her Mom's nose. ;) Too cute! 

I love my sessions with the Szabo's. I love that even Dad likes shoots now too, where he didn't before the started doing them with me. Even if we have a flop, off session. (Yep, I will admit it, we did have a flop session. Everyone and everything felt off, but a perfect re-shoot later and couldn't love it anymore!) Aren't they adorable?!   

This session was done at a property that is just amazing, but not really a spot I can regularly shoot at. Such a secluded piece of heaven, but also the reason why the owner lives there, to keep some privacy and enjoy the nice and quiet. But of course, I was amazed at how many location requests I had for this spot. 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Family Session Idaho Falls Child Photography Idaho Falls Family Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Sat, 01 Nov 2014 23:23:26 GMT
Little Man Ty- Idaho Falls Newborn Photographer Here we go, my first official newborn session since deciding that I would indeed take on newborn clients. Something I haven't offered in the past to the public, keeping it to friends and family. I have to say, I owe my confidence to do these to my studio mate, Jolie West of Jolie West Photography, who specializes in Newborns. I have assisted on newborn sessions with Jolie and have learned some things along the way. If  you ever have a chance to take one of her classes or even do a one on one mentoring session with Jolie, I promise, you will not be sorry! She is good at what she does. She assisted on this shoot and I will continue to have her assist for a few months on all my newborn sessions until I am comfortable with all aspects of newborn sessions. I will only be taking a a limited number of newborns for this reason as well. I am excited to take on this next chapter in my business and can say it has been fun adding more and more newborn props to our collection between the two of us.  With that being said, let's get to the session. 


Meet Ty!

Yep, he is pretty adorable! 

Ty's mom and I go back a few years and are a very awesome case of  'It's a small world after all..'

I worked day in a day out next to Nikki, and have had some great times with her away from work as well. Then, I found out that my husband and her brother were best friends and they all grew up together! Like I said, small world.  

This little guy was a dream. He slept so sound the entire session. 

Nikki and Darren's property was so nice to shoot at. I am pretty jealous of their piece of the country life. Beautiful trees, barns

and nicely tucked away from the road. 

Look at this little guys hair, I just love it. I have to admit, I am partial to the red heads, having a red head of my own. 

I really did have so much fun photographing little Ty here! Think I can convince her to come hang with me in the studio for 6 month pictures. Nikki, you know you want to. ;) Thank you for letting me capture this time for you! You really do have a precious little guy there! Congrats to both of you and welcome to parenthood! 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Darling little Red Head Idaho Falls Newborn Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Newborn Photography Sun, 03 Aug 2014 06:04:12 GMT
My Main Squeeze! The Mister behind Jen Dixon Photography Meet Mister, the oldest child in the house. ;) 

I have found that while I encourage everyone to capture these moments, capture the now, my family is just too busy to catch a session here and there. 

Yes, I snap shots here and there of the things going on, but I have found that when it comes to catching all the shots at the events and such, I am lacking. To be honest, I like to enjoy the moment and not constantly have a camera to my face trying to get the perfect shot. It was my husband and his recent profile picture experience that had me thinking, I need to put a face to the name. Let my fans meet me a little more then just the business. So, while I will still leave the camera behind on the events and give my family all my attention, I want to capture a little more of us. Show you that I am a not all business all the time. Relax a little. 

The backstory: My husband is a Beachbody Coach. A year ago, he started drinking Shakeology and began the T25 workout. At a little pudgy around the sides, he really just wanted to feel better. He did amazing, lost lots of weight and packed on lots of muscle (he is now doing Body Beast- another workout). At a recent event with local Beachbody coaches, he was talking to everyone and they couldn't put a name to his face. His profile picture for the longest time has been a RIPPED minion, (Yep, minion obessed!) So, it was decided, he needed some images of him, so that people could put a name to A FACE! So, spur of the moment, we headed out to get some shots of him. I am glad that my Mister doesn't mind the camera. Now to put it to use and capture more of us! Be a great example. In the meantime, meet my Mister. Matt Dixon- loving husband and father, best friend, biggest supporter and Beachbody Coach. 


I sure love this guy! (And his smile that reaches clear to his eyes!)

(Jen Dixon Photography) Beachbody Coach Head Shots Jen Dixon Photography Male Model Matt Dixon Fitness Fri, 01 Aug 2014 06:31:38 GMT
Mitzi and the Mini Horses- Idaho Falls Child Photographer Mitzi's mom booked the Dream Come True- Mini Horses session for her as a surprise. When they showed up, we took her out to the pasture to see what the surprise was! MINI HORSES! 

We think she had some fun and now she will have an awesome picture to put up in her newly redone western room. 

I am a sucker for pretty blue eyes! 


These sweet miniature horses are Athena and Zeus from Little Bit Ranch. You can find them on Facebook at for your next event. Great people to work with! Horses are sweet and kids love them! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Children Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Themed Session mini horses Fri, 01 Aug 2014 06:07:46 GMT
Mini Horses Dream come True ad shoot. I have to say, finding out about these 2 cute mini horses was completely awesome. As Jolie

(my photographer friend and studio mate) and I started thinking about doing a session with these

fun little horses, we knew that we could not just do these as sessions for the public,

we had to do them with out kids as well! They would love it and we would love

having these fun images as well to hang on our own walls. It was something that we would love to have. 


So, we quickly booked our 2 hours with the horses, and plan to play with the horses, check out the location,

you know, a quick run through so see how these sessions would work. Sweet success for the most part. 

Some props couldn't be used due to the wind but it all worked out well otherwise. 


This session will literally take me a few weeks to go through and edit, but I wanted to share some of the awesome shots

I took of the kids. 


This is my daughter, Miss Mae. She really really loved these guys and now I am stuck in a

constant battle as to why we can have mini horses in the backyard. She sure is trying though. 

Then we have my super sweet niece Addie. She is my horse girl! She has been begging me to 

do a shoot with her and her horse for a while now. Mom says, her horse isn't really 

trained right now. So, we hoped this would suffice. HA HA! Not even close, but she 

did have a lot of fun with the mini horses. 

I asked Sunny to come to model for the Ad. This girl has the longest hair! (When it isn't in curls- past-her-bottom long!)

Sunny is such a hoot and really knows how to ignore a camera and just go with it, amazing for a 6 year old. Sunny is also fearless! 

I was walking her on the horse, bare back, no reins and she says, LET GO! 

She was ready to take that horse for a ride. So after they got the lead rope tied for her to hold on to. Away she went. 

(lots of adult supervision! I promise! The last thing we want to happen is someone getting hurt.) 

Jolie's little girl, Miss Ashlyn. She is still talking about how much fun she had with the little horses! She just loved them!!! Her little Paisley wasn't quite sure what to make of them. So we didn't get a lot of her with the horses. 

Then we have Stormy. Stormy is on of Miss Mae's closest friends. We brought her along to 

play with mini horses as well. Does anyone see the pattern with pre-teens and teenagers and how 

they don't do much without their friends?! lol! We loved having Stormy along though! 











(Jen Dixon Photography) Children Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Mini Horses Themed Session Thu, 31 Jul 2014 05:41:41 GMT
Addie Ray- Idaho Falls Child Photography Let me introduce you to Addie. Addie is a one of a kind squish monster. Oh and I am her favorite aunt (at least when she is telling me who her favorite is.. I am sure when she talks to Aunt Brianna or Aunt Genice or even Aunt Candy, they are her favorites as well, but I relish is being her favorite when she is with me.) Addie has been the subject of many model sessions and mini sessions, but this time Addie owned that camera. Signs that Little Miss Ray of Sunshine is growing up on us! Now this is where Addie manages her Aunt Jen... "Jen, when are we going to do a session with me and my horse? When are we going to do this with me and when are we going to do that with me? I have an idea for a session...." Yep, my little model in the making, but she is getting so good at it. So this summer, her and my daughter have me lined up for some fun and guess what... I don't mind at all! 

This is the first session we even did a straight face with Addie. She has the cutest smile you have ever seen. When I showed her the image with her not smiling, she say "Wow, I do look really grown up!" She was so excited. Then her mom's boss made the comment along the lines of "You are going to be in so much trouble when that one reaches 15." 

Now this is just a few of MY favorites from her session. I sure do love my Addie Ray! Thanks for coming in and playing Squish! I am glad you like your pictures. Just remember, we have many more to do! 

(Jen Dixon Photography) Children Country Cutie Future Model Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Thu, 05 Jun 2014 05:17:11 GMT
Shar- Senior Session Class of 2014 I just love working with seniors and this lady is going places. Navy bound places! Shar was so much fun to work with. (And super bee-u-tiful as well!) 

First time we set out to do Shar's shoot, it was a chilly windy yucky day. So, after a reschedule or two, we finally had a perfect day.

We would have been really scrambling with our sudden idea if it hadn't been for Grandma and the duct tape in the trunk. No, no, it isn't what it sounds like. She is a prepared lady (and we were able to stick the numbers to the wall. ;)  It was a pleasure hanging out with Shar and her family! Super super great people! Congratulations Shar on your Graduation. Hillcrest High School- Class of 2014. Wahoo!!!

(Jen Dixon Photography) Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Jen Dixon Photography Senior Thu, 22 May 2014 05:16:56 GMT
Ryley- Class of 2014 Ryley is one of those kids that goes to show, that hard work and dedication pays off. Some of you may have seen Ryley a time or two on my Facebook page. He has been awesome to work with being a model in many shoots here in the area. Not only is Ryley a handsome young man, he is smart and an all around good kid!

Ryley is going to school to become a doctor! The world needs more good doctors and I think he will be one of the best. His achievements thus far say so!

Congratulations on your graduation Ryley! Hillcrest High School Class of 2014.

I am excited to see all the great places Ryley goes in life. (Which I will be keeping close tabs on with his Mom, since I have recently found out is my 2nd cousin! Yeah, it's a small world after all!) PS. Ryley is looking to take model jobs to help him with school. Hit the contact me tab to get in touch with this great kid!


(Jen Dixon Photography) Future Doctor Graduate Head Shots Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Model for Hire Senior Sun, 18 May 2014 19:28:34 GMT
Sarah- Class of 2014 When Mom called me to schedule Sarah's senior session, she warned me that Sarah wasn't the fondest of having her pictures done. She faced what every teenage girl faces- a lack of seeing how truly beautiful they are. So when we met at our meet up point and this stunning young lady stepped out of the car, well, I had to pick me jaw up off the ground. Tall, perfect features and gorgeous! We had lots of fun roaming around getting shots. I got sooo many amazing shots of Sarah, that it was hard narrowing down for their final gallery. See what I mean! I am dreaming up all sorts of shoots to use Sarah as a model in! Plus, this girl is an amazing gymnist. We finished her shoot at the gym she was apart of and that girl has some moves! She also auditioned for a team in Utah and MADE IT!! Congrats Sarah!

Needless to say, Mom reports that Sarah is feeling much better about pictures now. Eeekk! Oh, and that she would probably be up to modeling for me. Congratulations on your graduation Sarah! Hillcrest High School Class of 2014

(Jen Dixon Photography) Head Shots Idaho Falls Senior Photographer Senior Senior Stunner Sun, 18 May 2014 18:00:00 GMT
Happy Birthday Mason- 1 Year Old and Cake Smash Mason has been a blast to watch grow up over the year. It is hard to think that it was a year ago that I met his family.

Now from what Mom and Dad tell me, they really like Rubber Duckies! (That was the theme of their wedding. I like it!) So when Mom mentioned a rubber duckie themed cake smash and shoot- I was all for it.

Then came the cake! I just loved the bright frosting. Little did we actually think that the yellow and blue would make a neon green but it sure did turn out super cute. And surprisingly, this little guy left half the cake untouched just for his brother- who was standing by, eager to help him devour it. Big Thanks to Big Brother AJ for helping us get some amazing smiles. This little guy sure does love ya and it shows.

Happy First Birthday Mason! Thanks for coming and seeing me.

(Jen Dixon Photography) Cake Smash Children Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography One Year Old Shoot Rubber Duckies Sun, 18 May 2014 14:00:00 GMT
~Mason~ Look who is 2! I got to spend some time with a fun little guy for his 2 year pictures! We had to make some quick work of the on location portion of his session, cause we live in Idaho and well, Idaho weather is mean!! He hung in there though and we were able to get a few before moving to the studio portion of his shoot.


While we were at it, Mom jumped in for an image or two. Aren't they a good looking family?! <3


Mason has the cutest smiles. He is a pro at the "Cheese" smile and we were getting some pretty cute hammy smiles,  but those true smiles just made me melt! I am excited that I have made a new friend. I look forward to watching this little guy grow! Watch out Mom, you are going to have watch the girls around this one. ;)


(Jen Dixon Photography) 2 years old Children Idaho Falls Child Photography Fri, 25 Apr 2014 05:34:10 GMT
Little Miss Sophie {Idaho Falls Child Photography} I have gotten to watch this little one grow and grow, which she likes to do on her own time schedule, since she was first born. Sophie is just a tiny little thing! An adorable tiny little thing.

I have to say that I am in love with those big bright eyes she has and that cute little button nose. Mom, can I steal her?! ;)

Sophie was the first one to kick off my Route 66 setup. I found this cute little gas tank for sale locally with some minor fixes needing done. Insert sister here, breaks fixed, added a hose and a pump handle and PERFECT. Then she crafted me a mini creeper and a set of bloomers to match. I cracked out the banner skills and in the end, we had us a cute Route 66 service GIRL setup. She sure knows how to rock it too! We didn't want to take all the girly grace away though, I love the lighter colors in this shoot.

Now, I can't wait till Miss Sophie turns 1! We have got some fun in store for that session. :)

(Jen Dixon Photography) 7 Months old Children Chubby Baby Cheeks Idaho Falls Child Photographer Idaho Falls Child Photography Jen Dixon Photography Route 66 Service Station Girl Fri, 25 Apr 2014 05:21:16 GMT
Sweet Vintage and Lace -Idaho Falls Child Photographer- First things first, My sister is amazing. I told her a vision, with no sample to see, of this sweet dress and was so happy with the way it turned out. I set out to make a matching head piece and banner and viola! We were ready. Then the wait came to see Miss Danika in the studio.

Let me tell you just how sweet this little girl is...One of the sweetest!! And I just love her little chubby cheeks and her precious little smile. Oh, and the way this little one knows how to work the straight face already, yep she is pretty adorable. I really enjoy working with these little ones.

(Jen Dixon Photography) 7 Months old Children Chubby Baby Cheeks Idaho Falls Child Photographer Vintage and Lace Thu, 17 Apr 2014 01:02:11 GMT
~Niona~ Idaho Falls Teen Photographer Since I have began to offer indoor sessions in our studio, I have had the opportunity to do more head shots and fun sessions for models, seniors and some pretty special teens. Meet Niona! Niona is a talented little dancer and dances for the same company my daughter dances with. This session was fun and I still giggle at Niona's comment after my Hair and Make up artist, Mandy Good, finished with her. "It is so bouncy!" referring to her full and "bouncy" curls. We made sure to do a quick spray on those curls once more, before she left, to keep some bounce into her day.  I just love her lashes as well! Those babies are sooo long! She is such a beautiful girl.



Yep, I have some of the best clients. We always know how to have fun!

(Jen Dixon Photography) Head shots Idaho Falls Photographer Teens Mon, 10 Mar 2014 07:14:32 GMT
~Daycia~ Teen-Headshot Session Idaho Falls Photography I am excited to present my first Blog post! I will tell you that I have gone back and forth with my first post and finally decided on jumping right in with a session! I am pleased to introduce Daycia. Daycia is one of the sweetest, most caring and talented girls I know. Not to mention, BEAUTIFUL!

Daycia came in to get some head shots done and had so much fun, she is ready to take on some model jobs. (If anyone is interested in using Daycia for a shoot, contact me and I will get you in touch with her.) 


(Jen Dixon Photography) Senior Pictures Teens Fri, 07 Mar 2014 05:01:40 GMT