Jen Dixon Photography | About

So, you want to know about me huh?! Are you ready for this? I was a race car driver for a whole summer! Yep, true story! Okay, maybe not quite a race car driver, but I did autocross race my husbands Camaro until we sold it for a "family friendly" car and have regretted it ever since. 

Shortly after that, I took up photography. Now, it isn't quite as fast paced as racing through swells and such, but I do love it none the less. I am as Idaho as they come, born and raised. I am a shuttle service provider to a crazy little dancer, who lives, eats and breaths dance. (Seriously, my little dancer is at the studio a minimum of 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week. If it isn't dance, it is 4H. We recently built a home in Menan, ID and love the country life.

In 2010, I found I had a true passion for photographing people. I like people! For a few years, I practiced and played. Hey, I still practice and play, it never ends for any photographer. In 2013, I finally opened Jen Dixon Photography LLC.

I love that each session allowed me to meet new people, make new friends and watch families grow from session to session. Most of my best friends have come from photography in one way or another.

In my free time I enjoy my husband and daughter and the rest of my family, walking the property perimeter with dogs and goats in tow, watching tv, playing and exploring the amazing mountains and locations that Idaho has to offer, 4-wheeling and reading. I ALWAYS end the night with a book and a "few more chapters", and I will forever be dreaming up sessions.