What Payment types do you take?

I take all major credit/debit cards, Venmo, cash or check. Please be advised, if a check is declined for payment, there will be an additional $30.00 insufficient funds fee. I also do not release any galleries for preview prior to payment in full being received.

Do you photograph sessions on the weekends?

In the past I have spent most of my summers doing weekend shoots and while I want to be as accommodating as possible, I want to also spend time with my family as well.  As of 2019, I will open one weekend a month for weekend sessions. Once those slots are taken, I will only take additional weekend sessions for that month for a fee.  I schedule sessions about 7:00 pm in the late spring through fall months. For most working families, this has been enough time to get home and get ready for their sessions on weekdays. For seniors and teens, they have all day to get ready. This allows me time to be with my family during the time of the week that we are all available to do so. 


Do you have locations or do I have to pick the spot for my pictures?

Oh, I have places! All-over-the-place places! You tell me what style you would like and we'll do our best to accommodate the perfect fit. Sometimes there is a little travel to neighboring towns, but most the time no more then a quick 20 minute drive. If you have a spot picked out, that works too, as long as it isn't private property that we do not have permission to be on. 


Do you pick the images for my collection? 

Nope, YOU pick the images that you want retouched for your final collection. I upload the unedited images to an online gallery and you select which ones you want retouched from that gallery. That way you pick which images you look your best in. 


How long does it take for my images to be ready?

I normally give a two week turnaround, but they could be completed sooner. If for any reason I am backed up and running behind, I will reach out to you and let you know. Luckily I have really awesome clients that are understanding if I am behind. I do work another job and have a very active teenager, so I do get unexpected Mom-to-dos and time can sometime be limited. As of 2019, I will be putting some things in to play that will speed up the process for my family and child sessions. 


Do I get ALL the digital images from my session?

Unfortunately I do not give all the unedited images from your session. Upon booking your session, you choose which package you want with the number of images that you will receive. I  do not release any images that are not edited. After your session, you will receive a link to all the images from your session after some initial culling.  I try to shoot approx 10 more poses then what your session includes. This way you have some options, but also are not overwhelmed with more poses then what you were budgeted for. 


What if I like more images then what my session package includes? 

No worries, you can purchase additional images from your session. Each additional image is $15.00. 


How do I get my images when they are retouched and ready for me?

I will provide you with a private link to a final gallery with a password. You will download this gallery directly to your computer. I will also include a link to a mobile app that you can have access to the images on your phone. 


Are there prints included in my package? 

I currently do not have any prints built into my packages. The current packages include all digital images with a print release to print at the lab of your choice, BUT.... I do offer professional prints! The first time I purchased a professional print, I knew I would never be able to print at a consumer lab      again. The paper quality is amazing with a light linen texture, helping avoid glare in your images. The colors are true to the original edit. With a            consumer lab, you cannot be sure of the last time the printers were calibrated, many times giving you images that may be"off" from their intended look. (orange in tint or washed out are two of the common issues I see in two of our local labs here in town). 


If we are running late, will we have to reschedule our session? 

That depends. How late? I schedule many of my sessions for the Golden Hour. Which is the hour before sunset. If you are running late, the session        does not have a much option to run later as we lose the sunlight needed to photograph your session. If you think you may be late, reach out to me      and we will determine if you need to reschedule. If you are booked for a mini session event, please plan to arrive a few minutes early. Sessions are      shorter and scheduled back to back, so there is no room for schedule adjustments without effecting the sessions after yours.