Sparkle like you are covered in GLITTER {Idaho Falls Child Photographer}

January 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When you are having a bad day, put some glitter on it and it will all be better....

My main goal is to capture a memory, at every single session! I want to be able to invoke a memory when you come back to your photographs, years down the road. I am going to say this goal was achieved 100% with this fun little session. We will NEVER forget it! NEVER! I don't think our studio will let us forget it either.

So months ago I decided I wanted to do a studio shoot with glitter and a child. I had to have my partner in crime in on it too, and only fitting to use her daughter. She is adorable and a natural little model. Well, she would kind of have to be, her mom takes photos for a living as well! We were just so busy with the fall season that our little glitter shoot was on the back burner for a bit.

We finally pinned down a day and made it happen though. We were going to use an ENTIRE bottle of glitter on a 6 year old AND keep it contained! Here was the kicker, Jolie had also brought her youngest in to do her 3 year pictures prior to me getting to the studio for our glitter fun. You read that right, 3 YEAR OLD, GLITTER....

You think you know where this is going, don't you?

NOPE! You are wrong!

Little P (3 years old) was so good and you could tell she wanted to dive in to that glitter but she refrained.. She went to the other side of the studio and played quietly. We finish up the shoot and then Miss P was too quiet. So, Jolie walks over to check on her and while she does that, I start cleaning up. Only problem was, I started in the wrong place. Miss Ashlyn should have been the first thing to clean, but I figured I would let Jolie handle that part and I would clean up the glitter before it was no longer contained.


Ashlyn got sidetracked and took off across the studio to the gallery room, leaving a heavy trail of glitter along the way. Then from there, our 1000 sq foot studio was sparkling ever so prettily.

PEOPLE... glitter is the nightmare of all craft supplies! Created by Satan himself. It lures you in with it's sparkles and then you can NEVER get rid of it!

When faced with the decision to laugh or cry, I chose to laugh. The session was perfect. Ashlyn will forever talk about the time she got to literally lay in a pile of glitter. She is still pleased with her blue sparkly hair (Jolie said was still sporting glitter the next day, after a bath). She will talk to her mom many times about the session. "Mom, remember when we did the pictures with the glitter! That was so fun!" They have this moment to share for their lifetime. That is why the glitter war we will be facing, for what I am sure to be years to come, was worth it.

I mean, look, glitter angels!



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